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Nov 6, 2007 03:42 PM

Looking for a repair shop for my FAEMA espresso machine!

Help! I am trying to find a shop or a person here in the Bay Area who can repair & refurbish my FAEMA Faemina espresso machine. I figured fellow fine coffee drinkers might have some tips!


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  1. It's been my experience that Mr. Espresso in Oakland can fix anything!

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    1. re: Hop

      Agreed. Mr. Espresso kept my Faema Contessa going for many years. Alex is the guy.

      1. re: TopoTail

        Called them, but the woman who answered said they didn't service Faema machines! She suggested I do a google search. Maybe I should call back another time and ask for this Alex...

    2. Have you checked with Thomas E Cara Limited, 517 Pacific Ave, SF? If they can't help you, I bet they know who can. (415) 781-0383

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      1. re: Steve Green

        Thomas Cara occurred to me too, since Thomas himself was the first to import espresso machines to the US, from which the first espresso in the US was pulled. They specialize in La Pavoni, and in fact handle all west coast warranty repairs for Pavoni. They also service Riviera from Italy and Femoka models from France, according to the article below, but I have no idea if they do Faema repairs.

        1. re: Xiao Yang

          I spoke with Christopher Cara. He was very nice but could not help me out as he doesn't have access to the parts needed. He suggested a shop in NYC called Rudy's, so I'll give that a try as well as the other new options suggested here.

      2. Try TMR on Harrison St, SF

        1. I don't know if he would work on your machine but if Jim Sullivan would he will come to your house. He does most of the maintenance for Peets and Blue Bottle. He has worked on my Giotto and I couldn't be more satisfied. Try him maybe he will be the one who will step to the plate.

          Jim Sullivan
          Business Information:
          Company: espresso repair
          Phone: 650-455-0693

          1. I have a Faemina and have been looking for a portafilter for it. I've had it for around ten years now and am finally trying to make it complete. In my search for a portafilter I have come across the name of a place where people have been able to get gasket kits - A. Dohnal. I emailed them but never got a response.

            Also, see this regarding Mr. Espresso and a Faemina machine:

            Good luck.