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Nov 6, 2007 03:38 PM

What to order at Rosemary's?

The menu at Rosemary's doesn't really knock my socks off, but the consistent reviews here on Chowhound do. So on our next trip, we will have dinner there (in addition to Picasso and LOS). What should we order?

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  1. I really enjoy the salmon tartare appetizer, which is very generously portioned. I tend to stick with that. My husband had a salad with duck that he loved. Many folks recommend the bbq shrimp with blue cheese slaw, I might've had that at the now-defunct outpost at the Rio, think it was very good. I've tried various entrees and enjoyed them all - halibut, scallops, rack of lamb, hangar steak. I'm not really sure that you can go wrong, actually. I also love their "House Manhattan" made with Knob Creek bourbon and a bunch of other goodies, if you're into cocktails.

    1. As mentioned, the BBQ shrimp app is very tasty as well as the carpaccio if available. The lemon icebox pie is an outstanding end to the meal. The entrees tend to rotate quite a bit but you can't really go wrong. For the money, it's the best restaurant in the area IMO.

      1. I ordered the tasting menu when I was there back in June (it was a Wednesday and that's "ladies night" where women dine for 50% off-I've never been so glad to be female in my whole life! haha) and it was one of the most delicious experiences I've ever had. I'm having a hard time remembering what was in it, but I believe some of the courses were: Salmon Tartar, Hugo's BBQ Shrimp, some type of steak that I maybe had room for one or two bites of, at least one other course and then the dessert platter that followed the steak, of which i barely got a few bites in before wanting to explode. We had them pack up the rest of the dessert which they gladly did, as well as boxing up the complimentary dessert truffley-things they gave us. Also, there was an amuse bouche (Sp?) at the beginning, but I don't recall what it was.

        When I could barely only eat one or two bites of my steak, the server informed me that he's seen MAYBE one or two people actually finish the steak course, let alone the dessert course when they ordered the tasting menu, so just keep that in mind and make sure that if you order it (which you should because it's delicious!) to save room for the following courses, as everything is so tasty that it's easy to go overboard and eat every last crumb. Enjoy your visit! Be sure to report back on what you had.

        1. I am a dissenter, as far as the BBQ shrimp appetizer. I was very disappointed in it -- the shrimp were large and fresh, to be sure, but the sauce seemed to takes of nothing but lots of salt and dark roux. It wasn't what I expected.

          I was, however, blown away by their lemon icebox pie. That was some high-impact flavor! It's now the high water mark for me, for lemon desserts.

          I'm a wine girl, normally, but at Rosemary's they've put just as much thought into pairing their courses with beers. You can tell your server you're open to such a thing, if you enjoy a good brew.

          Go hungry. We'd made the mistake of filling up at Lindo Michoacan earlier in the day, and I still regret that.

          1. We went to Rosemary's on our last LV visit with very high expectations given the lavish praise here, and were somewhat underwhelmed. Comments are here ->

            The best dish I had was the sweetbreads. From looking at the current menu, it appears the preparation is now different.

            My primary gripe (and maybe it was the way I ordered) was that every dish seemed to have as its primary component a demi-glace based sauce, which (1) was rather heavy; and (2) gave each dish a "sameness" that made them less interesting.

            Having said that, everything was good, was nicely prepared, and the place is a relative bargain by LV standards and also a relief from the glam and glitz of the strip. If you go, I highly recommend you do so on Sunday for 50% off wine night.