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Nov 6, 2007 03:14 PM

Looking for amazing pastry shop/bakery in Oregon

My husband and I are currently living on the east coast and we have a few really fantastic French and Italian Bakerys that we really enjoy. They are traditional and use only the finest ingrediants and you can taste the love that goes into everything.

Is there a bakery or pastry shop in Oregon that is truley amazing? Any where in Oregon, we usually visit Portland, but we are visiting family all over from Hood river, WA to Eugene.

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  1. Ken's Bakery in NW Portland on 21st is great (Ken also has a terrific pizza place on the other side of the River in Portland). Pearl Bakery in the Pearl District is also very good.

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    1. re: mcarms

      Agreed on Ken's and Pearl Bakery. You could also try DiPrima Dolci, which is less about artisan bread and more about Italian pastries. I would say that you can feel the love there!

    2. Look for "Sweet Life" in Eugene.
      Portland is crawling with great places, tucked away in unasuming side streets that I don't remember the names of. Your eyes will find what your heart already knows...

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        I second the nomination of Sweet Life. It's kind of hidden in an alley, at 8th and Monroe.

      2. I personally think St. Honore in the NW 23rd area (also one in Lake Oswego) for a French Bakery is the bomb. I know of no good italian bakeries.