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Nov 6, 2007 03:08 PM

Richmond - Panaderia Guatemalteca - new Guatemalan bakery

This is really a Guatemalan bakery, not a Mexican bakery selling a few Guatemalan items.

Here's a run down of what they sell

They bake all day and you can request some of the above hot from the oven if they are available.

I saw a Pollo Compero box on the counter. This is a Guatemalan chicken chain. My Guatemalan inlaws like it a lot. On Friday afternoons they will sell Pollo Compero (chicken only). It is coming up from Los Angeles so obviously not fried to order. However if you have a Pollo Compero craving, this is probably the only place to get it locally.

They are still settling in, but hope some time in the future to have Guatemalan tamales.

So far my favorites from the bakery are the lenguas, frances, royals, campechanas, roscas and champurradas ... I especially like those.

The sweet breads/cookies are in the case to the right and the other case is supposed to be breads that are not sweet, but the top two shelves seemed to have a little sweetness to the rolls. Those rolls on the top two shelves are all made from the same dough, only different shapes.

Places is not allowing me to edit the address so here it is ...

653 23rd St
Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 412-0421

Closed Sunday Mon-Sat 8am - 8pm (it is new, so I'd call if going either at start or end time to be sure they are open).

Panaderia Guatemalteca
653 23rd St, Richmond, CA

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  1. This is great news for me since I fell in love with a Guatemalan bakery I found in Riverside.

    Especially since they made the best tamal I have ever had.

    I tried to reccomend a 'hound searching for decent eats in San bernadino Pollo Campero outpost- but this was quicklly dismissed by another hound. It is pretty good fried chicken - but I think the best part is the sides of black beans and plantains.

    Hopefully they might have rellenitos too!
    How are they getting it shipped up here?

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    1. re: kare_raisu

      Not sure about the chicken.

      Right now they are focusing on the bread. It seems every day besides the regular items, they have some different baked good of the day. It really took them a while to get the bakery open ... two years. I was thinking that maybe it was a former bakery than one that was about to open. Richmond makes it really difficult for these little mom and pops. This is the third business I know that took years to open.

      1. re: kare_raisu

        Tried the chicken today and I can see the appeal it might have fresh from the fryer. Even cold I liked the spicing. The price is pretty steep though - $10 for 4 pieces. The Guatamalan guy chatting with the owner at the bakery perked up when he saw the chicken and then had the same reaction my S/O would have when he heard the price.

        So here I am sneaking chicken while my S/O is gone. I was going to wait till he got home, but I imagine he's going to be stoppping by the bakery when he knows about t and the issue of the chicken and price will come up ... and he'll just think i'm stupid paying that much. However, I've been curious about it for a while, so curiosity resolved..

        1. re: rworange

          OK, this is something I have to check out more, but my S/O's uncle (in-law) came by today and I was telling him about this bakery. It turns out the rolls I've enjoyed at their house in the past were made by the owners of this bakery.

          At one time ... his English is good but there are gaps so I'm not sure if this was in Guatamala or here ... they would bake the bread in a oven heated by wood. He went through this whole fascinating story about getting the fire ready and making sure there was just the right amount of ash ... the story went on and on ...

          So he knows these people well and the baked goods are considered to be good examples of Guatamalan baking. Coming up will be some sort of bread pudding. He was telling me that sometimes she isn't estimating sales correctly and will make this Guatamalan bread pudding out of that day's leftover bread. He made it sound delicious

          I'll have to get more info on my next visit to the bakery when they aren't busy. The owner speaks excellent English.