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Nov 6, 2007 02:56 PM

*SoHo residents*

Where do you walk to for dinner when you don't want to make a big deal.
Under $100 for two, please.

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  1. If you can extend the radius to Nolita (which I think is fair here), then I'd say Bianca. They serve up some wonderful stuff, and if you can spend $50 per person there on food, there's a circus wondering where you've gotten off to.

    1. Under $100 including wine?

      Aquagrill. If you want to wander over to TriBeCa, Duane Park Cafe.

      1. You can probably do ok at Lure Fishbar, if you are careful with your selection.

        Second Aquagrill, though it can get really crowded.

        Ed's Lobster should get you under $100.

          1. re: Katherine H

            I vigorously second Jean Claude and Snack, which is a dream neighborhood restaurant.

            You can easily get out of Lupa for under $100 for two if you stick to antipasti and pastas. I recommend you check out Lupa for lunch. It's much easier to get into and quite pleasant at that hour. The atmosphere during dinner at Lupa can be like Grand Central at rush hour.

          2. Aquagrill is one of the most expensive restaurants in the neighborhood.
            What am I missing?

            I was thinking more like Lupe's/Cafe Noir/Lucky Strike....

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            1. re: Chow Baby

              Their fish entrees range from $19-$26. I guess it depends how much you eat and drink. Sometimes the wine can be more than the food :).

              If you are willing to walk over to Duane Parke Cafe they have a lovely prix fixe dinner for $35.