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ISO Chinese take-out in the Mid-Wilshire/Koreatown area

I know the hounds say to go east to the SGV for Chinese but if you need quick takeout in the Mid-Wilshire/Koreatown area, are there any spots that you've enjoyed?

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  1. The only Chinese restaurants I can think of in the area are Korean style, which is something I'm not particularly fond of except for the Jia Jiang Mein, and which differs from what most non-Koreans (either Chinese or non-Chinese) think of as Chinese food. Also, many of these restaurants are quite pricey to boot.

    1. There is a Chinese Bar-B-Que on Melrose west of Normandie. I haven't eaten there, but I have eaten at the place with the same name (related?) in N. Hollywood that is pretty good. Maybe other Chow-ders can supply more info on quality and whether it's still there.

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        That's BBQ Unlimited and it's quite good. I'm not sure if that's Koreatown/Mid Wilshire, though.

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          That's BBQ Unlimited and it is quite good--best Chinese restaurant between Chinatown and the westside. Not sure if it qualifies as Mid Wilshire/Koreatown, though.

        2. I think its called Chyn King. Its on 3rd street near La Brea. I really enjoy this place. They have really tasty hot and sour soup, their vegetable dishes are very fresh, and they have healthy items on the menu. They deliver too but I always order take out. they also have steamed fish with soy sauce. So good!

          Warning- Stay away from the pad thai. Then again, its my fault for ordering pad thai at a Chinese restaurant.

          Chyn King
          5770 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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            Nope, different place. The one I'm referring to is east of Western and closer to Koreatown, although any suggestion for Chinese food is always appreciated.

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              Oh sorry, I was trying to recall the name of Chyn King not the Chinese BBQ place.

          2. A little west: Hunan Taste on Olympic and San Vicente.

            1. Second Hunan Taste, great food and they will make what you want.

              1. I'm not sure if there are any genuine Chinese restaurants but of the Korean-style, down on Olympic by Kinglsey there's Young King on the south side of the street and Shin Peking on the north side. Also Dragon on Vermont, just north of Olympic.

                Over on Western south of Olympic, there's Dong Chun Hong, which is pricier, but very tasty. It's the in the same plaza as "What the pho" (?)

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                  A newer place is Lai Lai in the shopping mall across the street from what used to be the Ambassador Hotel and where the remnants of the Brown Derby hat rest on the second floor.

                2. there was a good jiaozi guan on olympic - can't remember the name. it was in a mall on the nw corner of normandie and olympic. may be gone.

                  years ago these two across the street from each other were decent. havent' been in over a decade. They are here for your info:
                  YOUNG KING CHINESE
                  3100 W OLYMPIC BLVD
                  LOS ANGELES
                  (chinese - yan jing, poetic name for beijing)

                  SHIN PEKING
                  3101 W OLYMPIC BLVD
                  LOS ANGELES
                  (xin beijing, new beijing) -

                  they weren't particularly catering to the ethnic korean market and some dishes were reasonably similar to the way they were in beijing. that said - the chinese places making liangmian have a tendency to serve naengmyun which is a whole different beast.

                  but they fit your geographic needs.

                  hint: look around olympic and eighth and see which places have chinese characters in addition to the hangul. give them a try and report back. caveat - if it's a seafood place, most likely it will not be an ethnic chinese place. the two i mentioned above were ethnic chinese from korea-owned.