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Nov 6, 2007 02:43 PM

Rec needed for pre-Bourdain

Doesn't have to be near Lisner, but that could definitely help things.

Need something that will take no more than an hour, if possible. Does that rule out anything nice or semi-nice?

Places we've yet to try:
Central Michel Richard
Black Salt

Maybe we might be able to make it an hour and a half.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. We were just talking about this. The problem is that if you don't choose something near the Lisner, you end up having to eat at 5 pm. Maybe Hudson?

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      1. re: biscuit

        It's the new restaurant in Dupont/West End area. It's the new, re-designed David Greggory. (Although it's unclear if Greggory is actually still the chef since the menu and the website say otherwise).

        It's for all 3 meals and in between (late night, bar menu, snacks menu etc).

    1. I am going too and the BF can't get out of work till pretty late, but I thought perhaps Dish or Notti Biacnhe because they are close by. But that may not be possible with his time so I might be on my own, or waiting till afterwards.

      I couldn't do Central in that time.

      Also not too far away is Taberna del Aberdero but they would probably take a little while too? I have not been yet so I cannot comment on speed.

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      1. re: ktmoomau

        I'll be there as well...woohoo Chowhound fun for all with Anthony Bourdain! :)

        Taberna is actually a good idea because you will be there in time for the happy hour tapas special. In my experience during the happy hour the food comes out fairly quickly. You can also get 1/2 priced Sangria so you will be nice and liquered up for Mr.Bourdain (chances are he'll have some foreign substance in his system prior to his appearence).

        I'm personally not a huge fan of Notti Bianche but Dish is probably use to getting people in and out for the Kennedy Center so they might even have some sort of pre-theater special going on.

        Biscuit I imagine you can get in and out of Acadiana if you sit at the bar and just let them know what your time line is. Of course sticking to ordering a bunch of appetizers is always a good idea (plus their's is a great appetizer list).

        When I went to Hudson last week the food was pretty quick and quite good so that's another good pick.

        1. re: Elyssa

          Thanks for the suggestions. Went to Taberna a couple of weeks ago. Wasn't too impressed, but Tapas might be good. Rather go to somewhere we haven't been. Hudson might be an interesting pick. Hmmm....we now also might be able to make it by 5 as well.

        2. re: ktmoomau

          So we went to TDA. First time for me. We sat at a table in the back, but had sangria and tapas. The sangria was good, the pitcher was plentiful.

          The croquettas con jamon were very authentic and good, almost as good as the ones we had in Barcelona. The Patatas Bravas were excellent. And the chorizo was ok, I thought it should have been spicier, but we liked it. I wanted to get the jamon and manchego plate but BF thought that was a lot of cheese and ham. So I got the pulpito, which wasn't all that good. It is so easy to get incredible fresh seafood in most parts of Spain I have visited, that had it been fresh I am sure it would have been better. Also I was suprised the quail tapas was cold, but it was pretty good. I would definately go back to try some others. So far not as good as actual places in Spain, but that was only one trip. I will be back. I want to check their regular menu for traditional monkfish stew as it wasn't served as a tapas like in most places. I also would love to see a traditional chickpea dish, although I could have just missed it. But it was quick which was good since we were running late and then BF wouldn't believe me on where to go. Where did the rest of you go?

          1. re: ktmoomau

            I was there too!!! I had a feeling a bunch of chowhounds might have been there because I heard people talking about Bourdain further down the bar. I was the chick with glasses sitting at the end of the bar practically crying from how good the croquets were and reading a gigantic book that probably looked out of place. lol

            I also got the patatas bravas which were good but I kind of wish I had gotten something different. This was my first time going alone. I usually go with my boyfriend who lived in Spain for awhile, so I just let him order and unfortunatly the only thing I could remember really enjoying was the croquettes. I'm still obsessing about them today. They have such a warm, comfy (dear I say sensuous) feeling on a cold night like last night.

            I really need to put Taberna back in my rotation. Everyone is so friendly and helpful there. I was kind of hoping Bourdain was going to be there to enjoy a quick bite of tapas before his lecture. :)

            For what its worth my friend loves, loves, loves the cheese platter because I guess its served with this amazing honey--very fresh from what I hear. I haven't tried it yet though.

            1. re: ktmoomau

              Far and away the two best tapas at TDA are the patatas bravas and the pate de canejo. After that, try the anchovies. Most of the others are outright boring to me and overpriced even at half-price. They normally have a Moorish chickpea stew that is good and filling, though not great. If they ever bring back the garlic mushrooms, then you can have a real feast.

              1. re: Steve

                Thanks to Elyssa for plugging TDA. I tried the half priced tapas and sangria during a vacation last week. I had the quail (which was 1/2 quail with a green salad, very good), the pulpitos ( underseasoned but otherwise good) and the grilled veg plate (a red pepper, frew squash slices, cauliflower and lots of garlic). Nothing was more than $5 with the discount. The bar is a pretty space and the service was friendly.

          2. A block away from Lisner is the Foggy Bottom location of Tonic (21st and G) for very good burgers and tater tots. Don't know if they take reservations.....

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            1. re: Steve

              Hudson is a new West End place. See today's Washington Post. We actually decided against it based on our review of the menu, which is literally all over the map. I am always leary of places that try to be comfort food and high-end concept food, Lower East Side and modern Italian and pan-Asian all at once. Based on the short review in today's paper, our instincts were sound. And a chef whose credentials include cooking airline food - even first/business class airline food. When The Next Iron Chef did this last week, all I could think was "making the best out of a bad situation" but I'd still rather bring my own, thanks. We decided on Oyamel and we'll just eat early and hoof it across the Elipse.

              1. re: Just Visiting

                I went to Hudson last week (check out my review on here) and I thought it was pretty good. It's especially great for the neighborhood (I live down the street) since it serves all different types of meals. I liked it. Is it top notch, probably not. But it's perfect for something like this where you want something tasty and quick.

                1. re: Elyssa

                  Elyssa, thanks for the recs. We ended up at Hudson. It was perfect! I had the fried chicken, which was the best I've ever had. Ever! OMG. The flavor and crunch of the batter can't be put into words. Was so good that my wife kept picking from my plate. The mashed potatoes were also creamy and excellent in flavor, but the biscuit (hey!) left something to be desired. Should have had more of a rich, buttermilk flavor.

                  She had the Mushroom Risotto, which seemed punchy enough for me, but left her a little flat.

                  Bourdain was pretty awesome too! So glad we went. You weren't the woman who told him to take his shirt off, were you?

                  1. re: biscuit

                    Lol no that wasn't me. I was all the way across the room from that woman but from what I could tell I'm a good 10-15 years younger then her. I guess with age comes bravery...while funny, I did find that a little creepy. lol The ladies love themself some Bourdain! (He is very sexy in person I must say).

                    I'm glad you enjoyed Hudson. I really enjoyed my meal there last week and was tempted to try the fried chicken. Will certainly consider it the next time. And I almost don't care if the biscuit was only so so because those Parker House rolls are addictive.

                    I was a little disappointed to see that it didn't get that great of a review in the Post a few days ago though. ( I hope that doesn't affect business because I would love for Hudson to be a staple in my neighborhood.

              2. re: Steve

                Tonic not only takes reservations, they're on OpenTable, and because of the few choices in that neighborhood, they actually book up quickly.

                Food is fine, though you liked the burger better than I, Steve. I thought the patty had been overhandled, and was too compressed and somewhat dry.

                Service at lunch was quite slow.

                1. re: DanielK

                  If it's the same menu as the original Tonic in Mt. Pleasant, they have a great mac and cheese dish. Plus who doesn't like tater tots?

              3. What about eating right down the street at the bar at Kinkeads?