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Nov 6, 2007 02:42 PM

Turned down again at Shirahama on Convoy

Once again turned down last night at Shirahama. But this time i could partially understand. I went around 7:30 and they were only seating people at the bar.

Best part of this all is when we walked in, everyone at the sushi bar turned to look at us. No one said a single word but just stared. The wife looked at us and shook her head no.

The whole time not a single word was uttered. Ha

Do they take reservations?! how the hell am i ever going to eat here?!

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  1. why would you even want to eat there. I know up in LA there are plenty of places that if they don't know you, you ain't gettin in. My attitude has always been f*** em, there are plenty of places that will happily take my money. If you are properly dressed for the establishment and not drunk, loud and obnoxious, I don't see a problem why they can't accomidate you.

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