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Nov 6, 2007 02:18 PM

Stanton Social Review

Another wonderful blog on an experience at Stanton Social that's a great read for all you Hounders!

"The More the Merrier

Stanton Social is one of those restaurants that reek of old world charm. The dimly lit dining area and the cozy booths make it very warm and inviting. Dishes are all in small portions and are meant to be enjoyed family style, something that adds to its homey vibe.

Nikki, Lorraine, and I decided on this spot for our little middle-school reunion brunch. The dishes were well-sized (at least for my friends) and were all very well prepared. And family style enabled us to share/taste different dishes - perfect for our indecisive natures. trust me, we wanted them all.

We ordered: bruschetta (one of my favorites because of the freshness and richness of the flavor, a really wonderful start to the meal), salmon eggs benedict, apple and brie quesadilla, french onion soup dumplings (another favorite and a very modern take on the traditional Chinese soup dumplings), lemon blueberry pancakes (yet another favorite because it was sweet, but not too sweet), herb frites with chili mayo (breakfast of champions), and last but not least, warm sugar coated doughnuts with caramel sauce (need I say more?)..."

Pictures available at:

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  1. "Old world charm" is probably the last phrase on earth I'd use to describe Stanton Social. It's hyper-trendy, crowded and loud.

    Agree that it is a good spot for middle school reunions, sweet sixteen post-parties or girl's night out, but the food is really only so-so. It's primarily junk food with a few twists to make it seem more haute.

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    1. re: oolah

      You beat me to the punch by 7 minutes, I could not agree with you more.

    2. I don't know that I'd call the dishes "family style" either. By that logic, a packet of Poprocks could be family-style so long as you split it with a friend.

      Regardless of how I feel about the writer's prose, I wholly agree with his premise. Stanton Social rocks.

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      1. re: JungMann

        It more small plates then family style.

      2. I disagree with the above criticism of Stanton Social. I think the food is great and a lot of fun. I took my brother and his wife (both live in NYC) there when I was in town visiting this past summer and we all had a great time.

        Still, I don't think I would call the place "old world charm." It certainly is trendy and crowded with a 20-something clientel. That being said I think it's a great choice for MORE then teenagers and Sex In The City wannabes. The food is fun---and it's always ok to have a little fun while eating. :)

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          1. re: Elyssa

            I agree. I took my girlfriend to Stanton Social, and I wanted to hate it, but I must say I enjoyed the meal. Everything was very good. I probably won't return anytime soon because the atmosphere is not for me (agree on the SaTC wannabes) and the service was snooty, but for what it is, I think Stanton Social is perfectly good.

            ~Eddie H.

            1. re: Eddie H.

              I love Stanton Social for dinner or brunch.