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Nov 6, 2007 01:35 PM

Evaporated milk recipes

Was intrigued by an earlier post (on a chipotle sweet potato recipe) on substituing low fat or skim evaporated milk for higher fat cream/butter.

Anyone have any really interesting recipes with this ingredient? Soups, pasta sauces, curries? Other?

Would be interested in savory recipes first as opposed to sweet.

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  1. I sub low/nonfat evap milk for whole milk or cream all the time - no special recipe needed - I just sub in the evap milk for whatever amount of milk/cream is required. Not sure how I'd sub it for butter tho

    1. I make a crab and corn chowder using the nonfat variety as well as thai green curry with shrimp. I miss the coconut milk in the curry but not the fat.

      For the soup (all measurements are mine and can be changed according to taste):

      1 pint of crab meat (I usually do mostly leg meat adding a few good chunks of claw meat for garnish.
      1 cup fish or veggie stock
      1 cup fresh or frozen corn
      1 smallish white onion
      2-4 cloves minced garlic
      1 tblsp fresh thyme (Or less of dried)
      1 can low sodium creamed corn
      1-2 tbsp flour
      2 cans nf evap milk
      white wine (optional)
      salt and pepper to taste
      olive oil
      bay leaf
      old bay seasoning (optional)

      I generally saute the onions in the oil, add the dried herbs, the old bay and the garlic.
      Add the corn.
      Add the flour and stir over low/med heat until it gets a bit nutty.
      Add the liquids, increase flame (if using wine, put in first), stirring with a whisk
      Add creamed corn
      Simmer for 20 mins or so, adjust seasonings
      Add the crab

      Garnish with chopped parsley and some claw meat.

      1. PLEASE try this outrageously awesome recipe from Alton Brown for Stove Top Macaroni and uses eggs AND evaporated is so very creamy....and THANKS to the chowhounds who so fervently recommended this recipe, you know who you are!

        1. Check manufacturer's web sites. They want you to like their product and use it, so they have good recipes.

          1. Here are two things I've begun doing, partly as experiments (that turned out well!) and partly in an effort to cut down on the butter and white flour in my diet.

            SCALLOPED POTATOES, convenience-food version: Empty a bag of Reser's diced potatoes into a bowl. Add one small onion, sliced very thin, about half a poblano pepper de-seeded and chopped fine, a big pinch of salt and plenty of fresh-ground pepper, a big handful of panko crumbs and a couple of Tbs of olive oil. Toss it all together and put it into an ovenproof serving dish. Pour in enough evaporated milk to come almost to the top surface. Top with more crumbs if you want, or grated cheese, or both. Cover and set into a 350º oven. After about half an hour take the lid off, and continue baking for another half-hour. Let sit for ten or fifteen minutes before serving.

            MAC'N'CHEESE: Cook 8 oz. of elbow macaroni or penne or shells in salted water. Bring a cup of evaporated milk just to the boil in a 1-qt. pan, along with a good dash of Tabasco or Worcestershire, depending on your mood. Remove from the heat, make sure it's stopped boiling, then gently stir in 2 cups of grated cheese, your choice (I like half sharp cheddar and half jalapeño jack), blending with a fork. You can add even a bit more cheese. Drain the cooked macaroni and blend with sauce in a baking dish. Top with crumbs and/or cheese, bake until appropriately crusty on top. To make this more pudding-like you can stir in a beaten egg - better let the mixture cool a bit first so the egg won't cook until it's all stirred in. If you use Dreamfields pasta and forego the crumbs this is a really low-carb dish.