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Nov 6, 2007 12:39 PM

Beef jerky and fondant

I'm looking for "real" beef jerky in the DC area. I could mail-order it from Robertson's in Oklahoma, but the shipping adds up. Also looking for a place to buy white or pre-colored fondant. Outside of the District is fine but must be Metro accessible. Thanks!

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  1. Locally I like Cibola, but I end up mail ordering from Iowa more often. When the farmer's markets are kicking is when I end up buying Cibola. The spicy jerky is addictive.

    1. Great Wall near Merrifield sells Chinese beef and pork jerky. Chinese jerky is generally less sweet and more spicy.

      1. I always see some great looking beef jerky at the Dupont Circle Farmer's Market. I forget which stand it's at but they always have it out along with coolers with a bunch of different organic meats. Not sure how they taste since I haven't had beef jerky in about 10 years, but it certainly looks like the real thing.

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          Quite potentially Cibola - they do attend that market. There are a couple of others that attend Reston, but I like Cibola so have stuck with them so far.

        2. For fondant from someplace metro accessible, I don't remember if Sur La Table carries it but you could try calling them to ask -- Sur La Table in Pentagon Row (Pentagon City metro stop) (703) 414-3580. You could also try calling La Cuisine to ask if they carry it, although it's probably at least a 15 min walk from the King Street metro. They're at 323 Cameron St in Old Town Alexandria (703) 836-4435.
          You can find Wilton brand fondant at Michael's or A.C. Moore craft stores. I can't think of any locations in DC, but there's an A.C. Moore in a strip mall in Rockville (11840 Rockville Pike) that isn't too far from the White Flint metro stop.
          I normally buy Satin Ice brand fondant from Fran's Cake and Candy supplies in Fairfax, but it's not metro accessible.