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Nov 6, 2007 12:26 PM

UNIQUE in Bonita Springs or Naples

We are going to be staying in Bonita Springs for Thanksgiving and I am looking for a good but unique place for dinner. We like to try new/creative things. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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  1. In Bonita, I really like Wyld's Cafe. They have a great calamari appetizer and Kurobuta pork chop. The braised lamb shank and Hudson pasta are also winners.

    In Estero, 5 minutes north, is Chops City Grill, which does very good fusion. Blue Water Bistro, in the same restaurant group, a bit north of that, has fine seafood. Make reservations. The website has both menues.

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      Just about one block west of "Wylds" is 'A Table Apart", which has very good to excellent food and service. They opened perhaps 6 months ago. Quite a few of their customers were formerly Wylds regulars. I like the food quality and variety much better than at Wylds, too, as it's very creative, nicely priced and the chef consistently puts out great quality food. It's termed "rustic global cusine, and it's tops.

      While Wylds has had good food, they are now closed, as is their sister restaurant, Crust. Between losing customers to A Table Apart, Angelina's, Two Brother's Baci, and other restaurants in Bonita/North Naples, and a lousy economy, I hope Crust or Wylds reopens for next season with a more competitive menu.

      I've a write up on A Table Apart at:


      They have had wonderful reviews from the newspapers, as well. It's one of my Bonita favorites.

      1. re: An Insatiable Appetite

        I checked the Wyld's website and they are closed till Oct. 1st. I imagine it's the same for Crust. I believe Wylds did that last year also. It may not be a bad idea these days to cut your losses during the summer. Pay your rent, don't worry about food and employee costs, and try to survive till the snowbirds return.