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Restaurants at the Grove-Fairfax

Has any one eaten at the Grove lately? The last reviews I read online was that the restaurants at the Grove where mediocre at best. I am taking my teenage son to the movies there this weekend and I will like to take him out to a nice meal afterwards.
Thanks for your Input!

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  1. Yes I've eaten there, it is a nice place to go esp with your son. There is a very diverse crowd of ppl and a friendly environment. He may want to check out the Apple store of some of the shops. As far as the food I've eaten at the Cheesecake Factory, Johnny Rockets and Dupars (might wanna check the spelling on that lol). But all of those place's where fine. Oh i also ate the Chipotle, but its not a sit down dinner type of place, its like the subway of mexican food. lol if you can picture that, but it is very good. Hope you enjoy!

    1. Yeah I don't think there are any especially good restaurants there as far as I remember. There's Maggiano's and some of their dishes are pretty good. I like eating at the Farmer's market there although that's really casual/more like food court ambiance, and I don't know if it is open at night or not.


      1. Farmers Market is your best bet for quality good food.

        However, I did have some pretty good teppen at Kado. That might be fun for a teenager.

        1. Your son may prefer to eat at the Farmer's Market for the vast array of choices. If I absolutely have to eat at the Grove, Morrel's isn't that bad foodwise (not fabulously great either) but maybe a bit stuffy. Downstairs is cheaper and more casual than upstairs.
          I've never eaten at Ulysses' Voyages (I think that's the name) but friends told me it was good enough.

          1. In the Grove itself, Morel's bistro is pretty good, but not fabulous. The burger is excellent though. Farmers Market has a lot of very good places, but if you are in the mood for a more formal sit-down experience you probably want to go elsewhere.

            If you don't mind driving a short distance -- no more than 5 minutes barring horrendous traffic -- there are a bunch of great places along 3rd street and on Beverly (Jar, Pane E Vino, Pastis...)

            1. I'd either eat at the Farmer's Market or Maggianos.

              1. Wood Ranch BBQ and The Farm are both decent sit down places.

                1. I was averse because of the name, too, but Ulysses Voyage is quite good. It's related to Mama Voula's Greek restaurant, and it has the J. Gold blessing. Also a nice patio for people-watching. They have a popular app of any three of six available dips, served w/ warm pita. Two of us shared that and also one grilled salmon salad, which was a Greek salad (lots of feta) with a large grilled salmon filet set on top. They also have grilled meat sandwiches or a "Greek cheeseburger" with good-looking french fries.

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                    Another vote for Ulysses Voyage. It's really very good Greek food, and very fairly priced. The moussaka is fantastic. I discuss at some length, and have some photos, at http://lafoodcrazy.blogspot.com/2005/.... The atmosphere might be a little casual for a "nice meal" though. Farmer's Market, great food but definitely too casual, and if you go after an evening show, most places will be closed. Maggiano's would probably fit the teenage son bill just fine. Big family style pastas in a piano bar/overstuffed booths setting. Their lasagna is deservedly famous. Just avoid the place directly across from Ulysses Voyage, it is truly terrible.

                  2. In the Grove itself, Morel's is best, although I do like the side-dishes at Whisper Lounge. Honestly, if you're looking for a post-movie meal in that area with a nice atmosphere, I'd make the small walk to BLD.

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                      Count us in for Ulysses Voyage -- while everyone is waiting in line for Loteria or Cheesecake or mediocre Magianno, we always get a table here and the food is really good! We love going for brunch on Sunday and then catching a matinee -- they have a dish that's like eggs benedict but instead of engl muffin, they serve it w artichoke hearts. Delish. And we enjoy the Greek plates -- hidden gem.

                      Btw, I wouldn't drive anywhere -- it's the Grove, you have plenty of decent choices.

                    2. If you like French Bistro, even though Morels in the Grove is OK honest, Monsieur Marcel in the Farmer's Market is French Bistro fare done better. Cheese fondue always fun and good. Nice wine list. The BBQ place in there is good too.

                      1. Since you'll be with your teenage son, I'm going to suggest La Piazza for their pizza. The other dishes can be hit or miss, but their pies are pretty good. Plus, you'll be right across the street from the theater and able to sit outside and enjoy the fountain and the people walking by.