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Nov 6, 2007 12:05 PM


All the recent threads about beer (St. Andrews, Stout, Markt, etc.) and's sad story about another historic building being torn down in FiDi/Pearl Street Diner temp. closure got me reminiscing about Chumley's. And other unique spots like the great pub that used to be next to Burp Castle. It's been so long since I had a lobster dinner special at Chumley's (pretty much all I ever ate there besides beer).

Any news on whether Chumley's will ever re-open?

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  1. I didn't know it was closed! I guess I'll be crossing it off my list for my upcoming NYC visit, darnit! Thanks for the info, though.

    1. There's a lot of cynical talk about this subject on Eater, but my understanding was that the fireplace collapsed. I believe a supporting wall appurtenant to it also collapsed. The owner is a very motivated guy and the venue is his baby. My feeling is we'll see it re-open after they rebuild the failed portions. There's signs of work over there, and why would they be spending the money if it couldn't be saved?

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        Thanks, sing me a bar. Glad to hear there are other preservationists. Places like Chumley's have so much rich history/memories it breaks my heart to see them close.

      2. Thanks for the info. We were planning to make our annual pilgrimage there this weekend. I got in the mood after watching "Mad Men," a TV drama set in the city in 1960. The characters were headed to Chumley's after work to wait for the Kennedy-Nixon election returns to come in. What a bummer.

        Can anyone recommend a suitable substitute (other than McSorley's)?

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          Old Town, Walker's, Pete's, PJ Clarke's (not WFC)....

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            And also not the PJ Clarke's at Lincoln Center - worst burgers of all the Clarke's locations. I'm not a fan of the one at WFC but the burgers are ok. For the money spent PJ Clarke's is no longer worth going to at any location.

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            Bill's Gay Nineties on E. 54th between Park and Madison.


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              Went to Jimmy's No. 43 down the street from McSorley's and enjoyed it greatly. Nice, small, underground bar which reminds slightly of Chumley's in its atmosphere.

              Still, nothing like the original. :o(

            2. Article in NY Observer about the (possible) reopening ...

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                thanks, LNG212. There was also a post on

              2. Siiiigh i miss this place. any new word about it possibly re-opening?