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Nov 6, 2007 11:48 AM

Healthy non-eastern-Asian takeout in Yonge / Wellesley area?

Hi all,

My partner will be in the Yonge / Wellesley area tonight and wants to bring some takeout home for us to enjoy. We're looking for something fairly healthy but we want a change from our usual Asian fare (although Indian is okay). By healthy, I mean a nice balanced meal: the option of ordering a good protein, some carbs, and a tasty veg or salad that isn't 90% iceberg lettuce. Otherwise, we're very flexible on requirements and we just want to try something new.

We don't know that many places in the area that aren't our usual Asian haunts (like Tokyo Grill). Any suggestions?

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  1. Red & White is a great spot for a shawarma is you are looking for something like that. I am starting to realize that most food in that area is Asian. If you were eating in I would recommend Fire on the East Side, not sure if they do take out or not.

    1. Y-W is a bit of a food wasteland. Good Indian can't be had for miles. Reasonably healthy take-out can be found at:

      Hernando's Hideaway

      Caffe Volo

      A little further north, there's Wish:

      or Fire on the East Side:

      None of these will make any top 10 lists, but they're all convenient to your intersection and have decent food at reasonable prices. I'm a regular at Hernando's regardless of what other Hounds may think about the place. I never fail to have a good time there.

      I haven't tried Tokyo Grill yet. I've been so sad about not being able to have the sushi at the real Omi, I'm no longer able to omakase. I can't walk into another place where the fish is pre-cut and stuck in cellophane wrappers. How's Tokyo Grill?

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        What about the Brownstone Bistro? I pass by it but haven't been in. Have you tried it? It's a bit further up from Wellesley at Gloucester, but I believe they do take-out.

        There's also pizza and pasta, etc, at Olympic 76, also at Gloucester.

        603 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y1Z5, CA

        Olympic 76
        8A Gloucester St, Toronto, ON M4Y1L5, CA

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          Hey Googs, you attached "Mexicali Rosa's" for Hernando's Hideaway.
          I haven't been and I do like some Tex Mex here and there...but I wouldn't associate it with healthy, lol

          Here's the link to Hernando's Hideaway:

          1. re: pescatarian

            Sorry. I have a habit of attaching the mother website instead of the specific. MR's owns Hernando's.

            Hernando's has a large selection of vegetarian offerings, nicely grilled chicken mains, and some good dinner-sized salads. My fave is the Margarita salad. Fajitas can be done healthy as long as you're careful about toppings. Their vegetarian chili is delicious and spicy. I can eat there even when on the strictest of diets. Okay, you have to avoid chimichangas fer sure, but I've never had a problem eating healthy and low fat there. Honest. I'm a fanatic about eating well without looking like I do.

            1. re: Googs

              Thanks, I'll have to check it out one day.

          2. re: Googs

            Tokyo Grill isn't a sushi restaurant. I have only had their chicken noodle soup there and find it very tasty. Perfect for a cold yucky outside day.

            1. re: Googs

              What camp said. Tokyo Grill offers some sushi, but it's really just two very small combination plates and it's not sushi in the traditional sense of how one thinks of it. The wasabi that they serve with it, though, is the best I've ever had and is utterly delicious, and I've often wondered if it's actually real wasabi (although several people have told me that they're quite certain it's not).

              Tokyo Grill is more of a home-style Japanese restaurant: think homemade curries, delicious ramen, and teriyaki in a thin, gentle sauce instead of that sweet, syrupy concoction that most restaurants serve. After eating here, provided I'm not craving sushi, it's really the only Japanese restaurant that appeals much to me. And the prices are amazing: we often stop here for dinner because it wouldn't be much cheaper for us to cook at home. I'm fully addicted to their wasabi ice cream; great way to end the meal.

            2. You may want to try Food By Frances
              Good quality takeout on Wellesley just west of Bay on the north side.

              1. Take out options . . .

                the hot table at Reithers. Get the cucumber salad, perogies and a knackwurst. (west side of Church, just south of Wellesley)

                or just pop across the street to Cumbrae's for some prepared foods that could be heated up. The pulled pork and mac&cheese are two delights.

                If he was picking up before 5pm, the meatball or veal sandwiches (with roasted veggies) at Sweet Pepper (East side of Bay, 1.5 blocks south of Wellesley) are really really good.

                1. Camros Organic Eatery. Small family-run cafeteria style takeout offering Persian vegetarian fare. Very healthy. They close early (about 7pm or so). They're on Hayen just off Yonge. Closer to Bloor than Wellesley but still in the general vicinity.

                  I have only been once but this is more because I don't eat much takeout than any indication of its quality. I found the food very tasty -this being said I greatly enjoy extremely healthy vegetarian cooking. We got a variety of dishes and they were all tasty, although the beet salad stands out in my mind as a favourite. I have no idea how it comes across if your tastes don't run that way.