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Nov 6, 2007 11:38 AM

Tomato Paste in a Tube???

On the cooking shows on TV, the chefs always use tomato paste that comes in a squeezable tube that is re-closeable, but I can only find tomato paste in a can at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and everywhere else. Then I end up wasting the rest of the can because I don't cook with it often enough. Does anyone know where I can find tomato paste in a tube in the Chicagoland area? (preferably in the city...)

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  1. I've seen the tomato paste tube at TJ's...but that was a while ago. Not sure if they still carry the tube version. Maybe you could check a speciality food shop or even the Chopping Block...

    1. Italian grocers have it, I think. Caputo's and Bari Foods, for example.

      1. Probably costs too much, but they have it at Williams Sonoma too.

        1. Here's a tip my Mother gave me years ago. After using some tomato paste, scoop out the rest in 1 tablespoon measures and put on a plate. Put plate in freezer. When they are hardened, pop them into a zip-lock bag, Place in freezer and use as needed.

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            well, I just put the whole can contents into a small ziplock sandwich bag. then ... press out all the air and press flat. you can then break off any portion in the frozen state and use as needed.

          2. It's pretty widely available. Are you *sure* they don't have it at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods? I could swear I've seen it at WF, at least.