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Nov 6, 2007 11:22 AM

Detroit Suburbs - Work party in Troy/Birmingham?

Hi fellow ChowHounders! I am in charge of planning a work party in the Troy/Birmingham area - its a drinks/apps kind of thing - with approx 80-100 people during the week. In past years we have held it at Maggiano's and McCormick & Schmicks. I'm looking for some new ideas - any help?


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  1. Forte does a nice job in their private room. Not sure if it is big enough for your group though.
    Try Big Rock too. They do tons of parties for all sizes.

    1. Try Larcos, at 16 & Livernois. They have a great room downstairs. Their private room has a separate bar and restrooms. It's very nice.

      1. I agree with Forte'. I had just checked them out for a smaller party a few weeks ago. I thought they said that it could seat 140, but not sure. They were really helpful so last week I went on a scouting trip for dinner and it was great. I liked that the private room still had full length windows that faced Old Woodward and I would have to imagine that it would be beautiful at the holidays. We also looked at Cameron's Steak House as they also have a private room.

        1. We did a holiday party (lunch) once for about 100 people at Camp Ticonderoga in Troy--they gave us the room upstairs, limited choice menu but an appetizer bar to begin with. A good time was had by all--the atmosphere is very "up north" and it was nicely decorated.

          I'd check out the Kruse and Muer on personal experience, just heard good things.

          1. Stay away from Larco's! They tend to be a real pain in the A--! when dealing with groups