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Nov 6, 2007 11:19 AM

New Jang Su in Burlington for lunch today

Revisited New Jang Su (Korean Barbecue Restaurant) on Cambridge st. in Burlington this afternoon. Food was excellent, did the Bulkogi barbecue and the Galbi barbecue. Sides great, rice tea was interesting. Couple of downsides- servers wait for you to ask for more lettuce, rice, kimchi, et cetera even when it is clear that you are going to want more. Also, after first two baskets of lettuce were gone (they go fast with me and my SO), we were informed that additional baskets are an extra charge. Fine. Also annoying- the servers insist on doing the cooking of the meat for you- I really like to cook my own, but they keep jumping in and taking over! Overall- great place to stop and have a good traditional korean bbq meal, if you're not worried about service and not afraid to ask for what you want and pay for it too. Lunch for 2 (the two meat courses plus one iced tea) came to $37 plus tip- not too bad, and tasty as well!

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  1. I'm not impressed with the place. I'm Korean and my parents are FROM Korea and we went there for lunch about a month ago. When we arrived a group of office co-workers (not Korean) came in and ordered right away. My mother and I both tried to order the Bulgogi bento box rice special and they told us they were "sold" out but we could order the Bulgogi lunch special. My mother started talking to the waitress in Korean and it turns out that they "ran out" of the boxes to which my mother said "just serve me the components on a plate - I don't need the box." But they said NO. I wasn't impressed by this banter or the food or the service. But hey, I'm spoiled and my mother cooks some of the best Korean all around. Needless to say we will never go back there again.

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      I like New Jang Su - it's the only decent Korean BBQ place I can find in the greater Boston area - and I've looked! Korean BBQ is really hard to find here. However, I've also been annoyed that they won't let you cook for yourself - after all, that's half the point! Also, I usually over-order, so my bill usually comes out a lot higher than that.

      Bostonfoodie - have you any recommendations for any other Korean BBQ places in the greater Boston area? I doubt your mother would appreciate us all showing up at her kitchen :-)

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        you're too funny lorita!! :) It IS hard to find Korean food in the Boston area and I don't think anything is worth a mention. But if I am able to get my parents to recommend something I will let you know. I go to NYC a few times a year and they have such great choices. It's nothing like that here. I do agree that it's annoying that you can't cook things yourself. Although, when I went into New Jang Su once, they asked me if I was korean and I said yes and then she told me I could cook it myself. Mind you, I speak VERY limited Korean but understand most of it and can't really communicate but I said enough to get the tongs and cook things myself which IS very desirable. My mother's main complaint with Korean restaurants is the "shortcut" Kimchi made with vinegar instead of being fermented naturally. But I will report back here if I find something worthy....Have you asked to cook things yourself? I would think they would let you? Maybe it's an insurance thing? But I agree - what's the point in having the grill in front of you if you can't do it yourself? :)

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          Im curious if you have tried Woo Jung in Ayer MA? We love the place. It's not bbq but Korean food.

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            I haven't but it's not too far from my neck of the woods...BTW, i have to still try the Chinese place you rave about. :) Do you have an address fo Woo Jung? TIA

            1. re: bostonfoodie111

              174 W Main St
              Ayer, MA 01432

              (978) 772-5742

              I just published the menu on my blog (link on my profile). There is 1 more page that has just 5 apps and the lunch specials

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                DOes Woo Jung take credit cards? :) TIA

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          Yasu on Beacon in Brookline does BBQ and you definitely cook the food yourself.

      2. I like this too. The lack of real good Korean food in the Boston area is always lamented, and this place is definitely one of the better ones. My friend, born and raised in Korea during the early part of her life - and who makes regular trips back - is the one who introduced me to this place.

        When we went, the waitress(es) were extremely friendly and helpful. My friend spoke to them in Korean so I had no idea what she requested, but they bent over backward to make good recommendations and accomodate some not on the menu requests (so says my friend, who ordered completely in Korean for us).

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          Better brush up on my Korean... although I did manage to get the waitress at one "korean" restaurant to put extra korean hot pepper sauce in a dish I ordered that I had when I was on a bad date with this cocky and PIA blind date. I remember eating it without showing it was spicy because I have a high tolerance to spice/heat and having said blind date try to match my eating. Happy to report that he had to run to the bathroom and I enjoyed the rest of the meal in peace. :) I know - evil but true :)

          1. re: bostonfoodie111

            Now thats funny! Did you checkout the woo jung menu i posted?

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              yes, in this case revenge wasn't sweet - it was spicy - lol. Just peeked at the menu. Looks very good. I don't see Neng Mun on the menu under noodles. It is one of my most favorite things to eat in the summer - noodles in a broth with ice cubes, sliced beef, slices of apple and sliced egg with a fiery oil.. yum! But only in the summer... :)

        2. I've introduced about 50 co-workers to the joys of Korean "BBQ" here at lunch over the years, and was pleased to find (about a year ago) that it was still holding its own. It's not going to wow anyone with access to Buk Kyungs I and II or Wu Chon House, but it is so much better than so many of the neighboring options in this rather benighted corner of Greater Boston. You have to thank heaven for small Chowish favors in the Burlington area, I'm afraid.

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