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Nov 6, 2007 11:18 AM

White truffle season?

Anyone had white truffles yet this year? Any great recs?

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    1. Most places that usually carry truffles also do so this year ( Spago, the Dragos, &etc )

      However, and keeping in synch with global warming and world markets so far (upwards of 4,000 €/Kilo in Europe), prices are significantly higher this year.

      Typical pasta dish w/truffles runs now at $120 - $150, but don't expect more than 5 grams per dish.

      If you want it shaved at the table, count on $300 - $500 / oz, on top of whatever the plain dish cost is.

      1. Evidently this season is starting off poorly. Not that the truffles are bad, just that there is limited supply making the prices steep. And the whole exchange rate issue.... However, about two weeks ago I had a really nice plate of pasta at Il Carpaccio with a generous mound of truffle for what I think was $80 or $90--blame it on the Barbaresco. I have been out of town and haven't been able to try their truffle tasting menu but based on that pasta, I'll definately be going back. I also have a soft spot for truffles at Vincenti but prices are likely to be at the top of the range there. If you are finding yourself looking at tasting menu's in the $500 per person range, just buy a few tickets to Italy and spend Christmas in Piedmonte.

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          sorry to say this, but nowadays the Piemontese are rather more on the buying side...

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              Within Europe, don't worry.
              Chinese truffles are not up to snuff yet. Although they're certainly trying hard...

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                i also think Go's Mart serves some of the dishes with white truffles on it.

        2. Valentino is having a Truffle Dinner on Thur Nov 15th. $250-ea includes wine pairing.

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          1. Urasawa served white truffle tonight. Hiro-san piled it onto my Japanese style risotto. He piled so much on that I couldn't even see the rice. He had a lot more so he'll probably be serving it over the next few days at least.


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              how much was the meal at urasawa with the white truffles?

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                meal at urasawa was the same as usual...$275/person. he didn't charge any extra for truffles.