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Nov 6, 2007 11:05 AM

Good/inexpensive Italian in theatre district?

Can anyone recommend a quaint Italian place that's not too pricey or touristy in the theatre district? I just might be asking too much, eh?

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  1. You can check out Becco, see if that fits your needs. Also check TreColori.

    1. Check out Scarlatto. I've had three really good meals there, and they seem to be more moderately priced than others in the neighborhood.

      1. Cara Mia on 9th Ave, bet 45 and 46 sts. I haven't been there in a long time, but had very good meals in the past.

        1. i was going to say becco as well. if you want pasta do becco. for $22 you get salad and the 3 daily pasta specials. The pasta is unlimited, they come to your table and serve you out of the pan. it is a good deal. it is owned by lidia bastianich.

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            I'll third Becco's deal noted by fein. I haven't eaten there but my bf has, and he is pretty picky. Also, wines are all $25 per the website. You can check out the menu

          2. Becco is hardly quaint, it attracts tourists like flees to dogs, and though the ayce pasta special is inexpensive, the pastas are mediocre at best. Furthermore, seating is sardine-style, and the hideously high noise level makes normal conversation impossible.

            Trattoria Trecolori is a favorite Italian of ours in the Theater District. Well-prepared homestyle fare, especially the pastas. Friendly, efficient service. Very pleasant atmospherics. It will cost you a bit more than Becco but definitely worth it.


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              Must agree with RGR on Becco, unless it has improved recently. We used to go alot and stopped because the quality just wasn't the same anymore. There are probably better, less noisy, inexpensive places in the area. I'm a downtown girl, so I'll defer to other hounds.

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                becco is pretty good. well worth a shot.

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                  Ditto on everything RGR says about Becco (avoid if you don't want "touristy", noisy, and cramped) and Trecolori (good); I'd also recommend Roberto Passon or Scarlatto.