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Nov 6, 2007 10:48 AM

authentic jewish deli style sandwiches?

I'm looking for a place where I can get good, authentic jewish deli style sandwiches...something sort of like a Zingerman's in Ann Arbor, MI, if anyone is familiar with them. Ideally, I would like to find a place that caters, so that I can bring platters of sandwiches to the remainder of the season's football games instead of bringing (ugh) Subway or Jimmy John's. Thanks.

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  1. You'll find plenty of recommendations in this topic (and virtually all can prepare sandwich platters):

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      This is a good link - I think Manny's is where you want to go - huge sandwiches -

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        It really should depend partly on location. Manny's and 11 City Diner are in the South Loop, Kaufman's is about 20 miles north in Skokie, and Max's is another 20 miles further north in Highland Park. Not even mentioned in the link is H. P. Schmaltz ( ), with locations 20-30 miles west of the Loop in Downers Grove and Naperville. All of them are pretty good (I haven't been to Max's, FWIW, but I'll assume so) so you can pick whichever of these is closest to you, no need to travel across town if one of these is in your vicinity.

    2. I WISH we had something close to a Zingerman's.

      Jerry's Sandwiches is NOT strictly Jewish style, but they DO offer some very creative (and tasty) sandwiches. They have a HUGE selection, so you can probably get what you want.

      Jerry's Sandwiches
      1045 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60607

      1. OK, I am about to blow the cover of my one of my favorites.

        I am a Brooklyn rooted, Detroit raised Jewish kid and one of my top three favorite delis is moving to Chicago. Number one is the recently shuttered Second Ave Deli in NYC, Number two Stage & Co in W Bloomfield, MI and Number three will be Steve's Deli which will open on Hubbard and Kingsbury in January.

        In the meantime 11 City Diner is not bad and Ashkenaz does try to emulate the NYC deli. I think the biggest problem we have here in Chicago is that our rye bread is BAD.

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          I'm looking forward to Steve's Deli. I hope that's a good location for them.

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            That's awesome news! The Bloomfield Hills area of the Detroit suburbs has some of the best Jewish delis in the country, including not only Steve's, but also Star Deli and Deli Unique (as noted in the topic at ) - and I've tried the rye bread at Deli Unique, it's the best I've ever had. I'm looking forward to it - this really is a coup for Chicago!

            Thanks for posting!

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              It appears from their website that the new location of Steve's Deli in River North is now open. Anyone been there yet?

            2. "I can bring platters of sandwiches to the remainder of the season's football games instead of bringing (ugh) Subway or Jimmy John's"

              Have you thought about Italian deli? We could probably give you a ton of excellent recs if you want to change the ethnicity of your platter.

              1. Would Perry's deli downtown fit the bill of what your looking for?

                The other suggestions that NS had are all very solid, but obviously nothing in town is better than Manny's or Kaufmann's.