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Best Nachos

We went on a search for nachos the other night and couldn't find anything truly satisfying...does anyone have recommendations for their fave spot??

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  1. not sure if the waterfront ale house in murray hill's is any good but the brooklyn branch's venison chili nachos is just sickly delicious.

    1. Benny's Burritos has good ingredients. I've been ordering from the Ave A location, and especially love the bean chili nachos.

      Someone mentioned here a while back that Phebe's on Bowery had good nachos.

      Tried Hop Devil (st mark's) - wasn't very good.

      1. Had the nachos at Old Towne recently, and the chili they put on it is awesome.

        1. Surprisingly enough, the Nachos at Professor Thoms are pretty fantastic. They're enormous, served on a pizza tray, and come with homemade guacamole.

          Professor Thom's
          219 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

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            I LOVE Professor Thom's, but honestly, the nachos are nothing special in my opinion. Also, I think there is a misconception about how large the serving is. They serve it on a gigantic, tall platter but there aren't any more nachos than there would be if they were piled onto a regular plate.

            If I remember correctly, the nachos at Brother Jimmy's were suprisingly good.

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              I just had the nachos at Professor Thom's last night, and I did think the serving was unusually large. The toppings are applied with a very light hand, which means that the nachos are as appetizing after 15 minutes as they are after three, because they don't sog up. Unfortunately, that also means that there really isn't enough of anything but chips and (a thin layer of) cheese to go around. And I don't consider it terribly impressive that the guacamole is made in-house, although it's perfectly fine guacamole. I would recommend Professor Thom's nachos to slow eaters who like their food to stay pretty over time.

          2. Phebe's on the Bowery make the best nachos I've had in the city

            1. San Loco. Cheap, fresh, piled with ingredients. Stanton Street and 2nd Avenue are the best locations.

              1. (skirt) steak nachos at El Rio Grande 38th and 3rd . . . the only thing i ever eat there!

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                  So incredibly true. Without a doubt, the greatest nachos I've ever had in my life.

                  I usually end up eating nachos, and their jalapeno poppers (stuffed with shrimp). I've gone a number of times with a group, and we often just end up ordering more rounds of nachos and poppers rather than ever moving to entrees.

                2. its touristy, but Virgil's BBQ on 45th between 6th an 7th has amazing BBQ nachos

                  1. The best ones are at Bar 89 in Soho (89 mercer street). The salsa is homemade and they have lots of cheese. They are simply excellent! They also make the best cocktails in the city. Have a mojito..cosmo or caipirinha...they are the best!

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                      Bar 89 does make some damn good nachos...not a fan of their drinks, though.

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                        Bite your tongue Leah!!!! I never thought I'd hear those words from someone...haha...Agree with you about the nachos though:)

                    2. If you love Nachos you HAVE to try the nachos at Tequila Jacks on 93rd and 3rd. Smothered in queso, homemade guac, sour cream, freshly fried tortilla chips. Amazing. I love this place! Try it, I promise you wont be dissapointed.

                      1. Believe it or not, I'd vote Pizzeria Uno for nachos.

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                          Resurrect a 5 year old thread to suggest PIZZERIA UNO. Fabulous.

                        2. Noche Mexicana onAmst. And 101.

                          1. The nachos at Tink's is fantastic.

                            The addition of orange in the pico de gallo works surprisingly well.

                            Best part? Sesame nori flakes!