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Nov 6, 2007 10:43 AM

A Single Pebble - Burlington, VT

this restaurant has been written about a lot on this blog - but the reviews seem mixed. Does anyone have a strong feeling about it either way?


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  1. Every meal I had there when they were in Barre was outstanding. The service was always polite and they didn't hover excessively. The prices were a little higher than I'd like to spend on an "every night" meal, but certain occasionally it was fine. I can't comment on how they are in their Burlington location.

    1. I've only eaten there twice (I live pretty far away) But both times I had wonderful food and excellent service. I'd go back in a heartbeat. Their sweet and sour walnuts I can still taste.

      1. Been a fan of their food for years. Favorites are the Red Pine Chicken, Buddha's Beef (vegetarian) and the fried oysters with wok roasted salt.

        1. Interesting place but certainly did not fire on all cylinders on my visit. I believe I wrote about my experience somewhere on CH.

          Very creative & unique menu for sure.

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            Well, we ate at a Single Pebble over the weekend. It was what we expected - top quality American Chinese food. But extremely over priced. And, this may be expected by most from Chinese restaurants, but they were very heavy on the MSG!

            1. re: NewtoBK

              As a server at Pebble , for 5 years, I can assure you that there is absolutely not any MSG in the kitchen, none used at all unless in some special product bought in Chinatown and used as an ingredient. Fresh Chicken Stock is made everyday and all the veggies are prepped everyday.

              1. re: biggirlco

                The use of MSG in Chinese restarants is grossly exaggerated. Granted, years ago it was a staple and was liberally used, especially in egg rolls. Today, it is more likely the no MSG will be used and stated so on the menu as an answer the "bad press".