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Thanksgiving themed amuse bouche

I want to serve an amuse bouche at my Thanksgiving dinner and wanted to incorporate all or some of the "standard" flavors of thanksgiving, such as cinnamon, allspice, pumpkin, apple, etc... Any recommendations out there for something amazing?

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  1. This is an interesting idea, I might want to do something like this as an appetizer so I'll be checking back to see what responses you get. I like the idea of an amuse, but don't want to wait on my guests the whole time with different courses.

    1. Just curious...everything you mentioned is on the sweet side. Are you only interested in sweet tastes or would savory flavors (e.g., sage, corn meal) work too?

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        Absolutely, savory as well. A mix of the two would be divine. I was thinking of pumpkin pie when I typed it and got lost in a fantasy of eating it, so savory was left out. :-)

      2. How about a nice spoon of a pumpkin and apple risotto at every place setting?

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          That sounds tasty, but I'm not sure I'd want to be making risotto at the last minute before a big meal (i.e., with lots of other things to do). What about making some gougeres with fontina and sage - you can make ahead, freeze, and pop in the oven at the last minute?

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            I love the risotto idea - very tasty, in theme but slightly off-the wall. But MMRuth is right about the last-minute work. Why not turn the risotto into Arancini and reheat them in the oven?

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              Great idea - I'd thought about arancini, but didn't think about being able to reheat them in the oven.

        2. What about a pumpkin kibbeh? Normally they're made of ground lamb, bulghur wheat, cinnamon, allspice, pine nuts, cumin and a few other seasonings, but I have seen it done very effectively with pumpkin puree subbed for the lamb. You can assemble them ahead, chill and plop into olive oil just prior to serving. I could see them on a small plate garnished with pomegranate seeds and yogurt.

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            Thank you, these are all great ideas. Keep 'em coming!

          2. mini pumpkin and chevre panna cotta made in mini muffin cups, we did an egg strata one year with all different colors (spinach, red pepper), we have done pumpkin mousse on a spoon, filled pate a choux, a fresh apple salad, roasted nuts tossed in butter...seckel pears or lady apples can be made into something fun. For instance with a lady apple, if you can get the right sized tool, core it and fill it with sweet potato mousse, and broil it.

            1. How about something with chestnuts? There is a deep-fried chestnut appetizer on epicurious that is probably too fussy and fried for Thanksgiving. But something . . . .? Even just oven roasted and plain?

              1. what about a cream of pumpkin soup on the bottom of a shot glass with a layer of cranberry gelee and topped with a savory mouse and sprinkle chopped toasted pecans on top?

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                  rachel12, just the THOUGHT of that has my mouth watering!!!

                  What kind of savoury mousse would you use? Maybe a chestnut, or herb mousse? The soup would be chilled, wouldn't it? ....otherwise, the gelee and and mousse would melt, and in shot glasses, would cool off quickly, possibly breaking the glass. Certainly, something like that, cold could be so easily prepared in advance. Oh, the imagination reels!!


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                    i am also looking for a shot glass amuse bouche and thought about layering truffle foie gras with cranberry relish and ..maybe a whipped foam (flavored) topping.
                    but i want something lite since i will have hor s 'doeuvres out before actual meal
                    or chopped apples w/ nutmeg and endive baked and topped with crumbled blue
                    i also like the pumpkin soup idea but may prefer as mini-desert trio.

                    thought about a mini cheddar souffle as well and a cranberry sorbet intermezzo with vodka!