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Nov 6, 2007 10:21 AM

Rock Creek in Bethesda - what's good? what's not?

I'm having dinner with some friends at Rock Creek's Bethesda location and want to get thoughts on what I should consider ordering. Most everything on the menu looks tasty to me, but some guidance would be great.


Cocinero Cubano

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  1. We really, really enjoy the pacu ribs as an appetizer. For a main course, I found the diver scallops to be absolutely sublime. And the broiled pineapple with the safforn - one of the best desserts I've ever had. The vodka martinis are wonderful. I am particularly fond of the pomegranate.

    1. I've eaten there a few times and can't really think of anything that wasn't great! One that was "good not great" would be the chocolate cake- but hey, it's 150 calories or something like that, so keep that in mind. I would recommend checking out the $30(?) menu (which changes quite often, I think) that is basically like a year-round Restaurant Week menu-type selection of Starter, Main, and Dessert. Portions are no different from the regular menu, and they usually have some interesting stuff!

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        Rock Creek is an exeptional restaurant for the concept that it represents. I believe that Darden's Seasons 52 on Sand Lake road in Orlando started this concept with the opening chef from Disney's California Grill designing the menu. There-and here-it is enormously popular. Darden has now opened 8 or 9 Seasons 52 and Rock Creek has another successful operation at Friendship Heights.

        I wish one or the other would come to Reston.

      2. The bread and hummus they serve to start is excellent, and addictive. Tuna carpaccio was a good appetizer, and my dad was very pleased with his filet mignon. Avoid the spinach-ricotta ravioli - it's as boring as it sounds. (I chose it because it was the only vegetarian entree listed. But I later found out they will make you a vegetarian plate of side dishes upon request, which was much better.) The apple strudel was quite good as well. It's hard to believe the low calorie counts on some of the dishes!

        1. Not sure if you've already gone, but Tom S. wrote a review of the Mazza Gallerie Rock Creek (in Friendship Heights- I think many of the menu items are the same as Bethesda's) in yesterday's Washington Post magazine, if you wanted to take a look at that.