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Nov 6, 2007 10:19 AM

Fried Chicken at Boneyard Bistro

Went to Boneyard Bistro in Sherman Oaks last night because others on this board have praised their fried chicken. Previously, they have only served it on the first Monday of the month. Now, the demand has been so strong, they are serving it every Monday. It's a good thing too, because I'm planning on going back. I ordered the 1/2 chicken special which comes with potato salad & coleslaw. Having had a lot of dismal slaw in my life, I opted to substitute the baked beans. I also ordered a side of their deep fried mac n cheese which was over the top yummy. More on that in a moment. While I am patiently waitin' for my chicken, a little basket of tiny cornbread muffins hits the table. They were very good, warm and moist on the inside, perfectly brown on the outside. Then the main course arrives with good size sides. The chicken was scrumptious and well seasoned. They soak it in buttermilk overnight which adds to its moistness. The outside is perfectly fried and not greasy. Even though 1/2 a chicken didn't sound like a lot, I still ended up taking a piece home. They serve a honey sauce on the side which I did not try. The sides were excellent too. The baked beans were a tad on the sweet side, with chunks of meat (brisket I think) and were a meal in themselves. The potato salad was very respectable too with just the right amount of mayo and mustard. It had texture and the potato pieces were chunky. Again, well seasoned just like the chicken and beans. But, my favorite side was the deep fried mac n cheese. Picture a small triangle, fried perfectly brown and when you cut it open, steam erupts and the cheesy goodness comes out. It was served with hot sauce on the side and is something I'm already having dreams about. I'm hoping to go back and try some of their Bistro fare soon as it all looked good. I'm on the fence about trying their BBQ, though since I am a loyal Phillip's fan. Maybe I'll summon the courage soon. For now however, I can reccomend the fried chicken without any reservations. Be sure to make a reservation, the place is not too big.

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    1. re: broncosaurus

      $30.00 + tip. That's for 1/2 chicken with two sides + drink + mac n' cheese. Good size pieces of chicken...

      1. re: orythedog

        That's a lotta bones. $10 for onion rings is a lotta bones too.
        (just looked them up on menupages)

        I'm also a Phillip's fan so I'm still intrigued at the possibilities.

        Their 3 meat combo is over 30% higher than Phillips.

        Hmmmm, what to make of it all...

        1. re: broncosaurus

          You may pay a lot, but you get a TON of food. I've yet to see anyone finish a bbq plate, and the BBQ for four option, known as the mini-mega- could feed 6 or 7 easily. God knows how many you could feed off of the mega.

          Also, as a beer geek, I feel qualified to say it has one of the best beer menus in town.

          1. re: Diana

            Well we'll see. The Sapp Coffee House has 1/2 of a Thai bbq chicken and a mound of shrimp fried rice for 7.95. I know a place in Lennox that give you two whole roasted chickens plus some rice and beans for $11. But if the bbq compares to Phillips I'm there at least for a serious trial.

    2. If you can when you go back, ask them to make the "BBQ Burrito" but to do it with the baked beans! It's really good! They did it for me once (it's not a mneu item, but such an easy substitution!) and I dream about it often.

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