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Nov 6, 2007 09:35 AM

oddly colored bananas

I've been having trouble with bananas that don't ripen properly. I buy them green, but they never turn bright yellow. They go kind of a pale yellow with brownish streaks, and never actually get the kind of brown spots that bananas get when they go from yellow to brown.
This has happened several times lately (twice with bananas bought at Trader Joe's.)

I wonder if the bananas got a shot of frost somehow during transit that keeps them from ripening. Any thoughts?

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  1. If you want green bananas to ripen quickly, place them in a paper bag, closed loosely. The banana gives off ethylene gas which ripens it. Placing it in a paper (not plastic) bag with trap the gas and accelerate ripening.

    1. I have the same issue. My husband likes his bananas semi-green, so I buy them in varying stages so he always has some unripe ones.But sometimes, I get some that are SO green, they never ripen..NEVER. The paper bag trick does not work. My husband keeps saying I accidentaly bought plantains, but they aren't. I checked the produce code, and they are your basic 4011. So...what's the deal.

      And more importantly, what should I do w/ the 3 I have at home right now?

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        Here's a lovely sounding recipe for an Ecuadorian split pea and green banana soup.

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          Here's another good use for green bananas from the same recipe blog:

      2. If you are buying green bananas at retail...that is your tips is one bananas another...They were not properly handled, at the wholesaler, grocery warehouse etc...improper temperatures, gassing at the wrong time, or not at all in the ripening rooms...Buy bananas that have some color, green around the tips and stem end is ok..but mostly that are showing some yellow color...then you will be happy...If your bananas are turning that beige color, not yellow..again the problem occured before you bought them at retail...there is nothing you can do...


        1. My husband hates TJs bananas and that is one reason - happens all the time with those.

          1. My TJ's bananas ripen fine, unless I buy the organic ones (I've done so once by accident and once because they were out of regular). The organics never turn yellow.