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Nov 6, 2007 09:11 AM

What's your favorite foodie block?

We've done best foodie neighborhood, but I thought it would be fun to narrow it down to a single best block. I'd love to hear about some I haven't explored yet, especially in Chinatown.

My vote is for the block on Bleecker with Murray's, Faico's, Amy's Bread and that fish place. I think the excellent quality and variety makes up for the fact that none of them are actually restaurants (tho Cornelia is not far away!).

Cornelia and Carmine Streets would also separately make the top of my list.

And there are a couple big blocks of St Mark's that might have enough variety to make up for a lack of excellent quality.

Can variety and quantity make up for quality?

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  1. id say bedford've got 'ino (which i probably go to more than any other restaurant), blue ribbon bakery (the only blue ribbon i like), market table, and if you go across 7th, you've got moustache, little owl, and snack taverna.

    1. Ditto for Bleecker and Cornelia. It is tough to select just one block. I also like these blocks:

      *Essex Street - Essex Street Market (butcher, fishmonger, artisanal cheese, etc.). Around the corner Economy Candy on Rivington and over to Houston for Whole Foods. This is my favorite block/neighborhood to food shop.
      *Chelsea Market on 9th Avenue, it's practically a block
      *Union Square - Greenmarket, Whole Foods, Trader Joes

      1. After seeing only your title, I had the same answers as you've written in your post.

        I vote for Bleecker and add John's, Rocco's, and Pesce Pasta to your list of "sort of not" restaurants. : )

        Then, I'd have to say that Bedford is right there, as well. Don't we wish Chumley's was still on that street for burgers?

        1. How about Grand Street off of Essex? You've got Kossar's bialys, Isabella's Pizza Oven and Donut Plant right next to each other (not to mention a new Two Boots branch across the street) and across the street on Essex you can grab a pickle from The Pickle Guys.

          1. do you have the link for "best foodie neighborhood"? Did a search but I can't find it.