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Centro Lowell

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Has anyone been to Centro Restaurant in Lowell? I beleive it just opened recently! Looking for good or bad...


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  1. Have been there several times since it opened (just a few months ago). Really, really good! Don't leave without having the mac and cheese (they serve it as an appetizer). Have fun!

    1. I've been twice. Excellent both times. Great vibe..very metropolitan. Exc. apps and creative dinners, and fabulous martinis. Only bottled beer; they need some nice tap beers. They need to get their website up and running too. I for one like to peruse menus before going to a restaurant.

      1. Just went fort the first time last friday. Very nice atmosphere, a little bit trendy, but in a good way. Excellent bread basket with mini corn muffins, herbed focaccia, and a nice chewy white bread came with sweet butter, garlic oil, and balsamic vinaigrette. My wife and I had the mac and cheese(excellent) scallop fritters(also good, just a tad overcooked) and the seafood chowder (very good, rich and creamy). I had the veal chop for my main course. I really liked the tomato and fennel salad it came with. Also had two nice cocktails an old fashioned and a sloe gin, so the bartender seems to know what he is doing. Not cheap but I felt like it was a good value for the money. I will certainly try it again.

        1. Address? Link? I couldn't find anything online. Thanks!

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            CENTRO Restaurant & Bar, 24 Market Street: Dining Room hours: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM, Friday/Saturday 11:30 AM to 11:00 PM, Sunday brunch 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Please call 978-453-4630 for more information and reservations.

          2. I've been for lunch and brunch. As previous posters have said, it's trendy and it's good. The mac and cheese is great and so are the onion rings! Very cool room!

            1. Oh my goodness, this is my chow territory and I missed a new place??? how'd that happen? I'm slipping. Market Street?? Near???? Been too busy leaving town trying other places. Hit Marco's in Lawrence last night - we really enjoyed that. Great pear martini's and tapas. :-)

              1. I've been for brunch right before going to open studios at Western Ave. The food and atmosphere were both great and it was a great way to kick off studio browsing and shopping! I am looking forward to going back for dinner.

                  1. 4 of us went to Centro tonight for dinner. Exceptionally good. I had the mac and cheese appetizer(due to the rec on this board). Very good! I can't wait to finish it tomorrow. I also got the paella which was on risotto instead of rice. Tasty and large portion. Others got the steak, tuna and the special mahi mahi. Eveyone was happy with their meals. We also split spinach and gorgonzola salads with pumpkin seeds and pear as well as the soup of the day which was a squash and apple garnished with shrimp. The flourless chocolate cake was sinful. A wonderful addition to Lowell. The only negative was the bread basket. Very small pieces of bread with 2 small corn muffins for 4 people. We would have preferred rolls or regular sized slices of bread instead of what looked like one roll cut into 4s. We'll definitly be going back. A great meal!

                    1. I've pasted this from my review of Centro's on Yelp.com.

                      Visited Centro's on Lowell's Winterfest Saturday night with husband. We had reservations, were seated promptly at a small round table in the dining area. Decor is retro trendy, glass brick wall separates dining area from the bar.
                      Our server was fine, brought bread and dipping sauces to table before we ordered. Little bits of bread, mini corn muffins which were super (as in way-too-sweet) sweet and not gritty with corn meal the way I like. He told us about the specials; we ordered from the regular menu. First course: we shared 'Tuscan calamari' appetizer which was good, not great. I ordered seared wild salmon with wild mushrooms and couscous which was quite good. Lots of mushroomy flavor in the couscous broth. I would have liked more searing on the salmon, I love a bit of crusty sweetness on salmon. Maybe some capers, at the very least a slice of lemon for garnish. Hubby had a veal something, with fabulous mashed potatoes, I think they must use cream cheese or something rich and deadly to make them so good. We had a bottle of Pinot Noir that complemented both entrees. There were some interesting things on the dessert menu, but we didn't indulge. I am curious about the bourbon IBC root beer float at $9.50. Think I'll try it at home!
                      As others have mentioned, this place is a great addition to the dining scene in downtown Lowell. However, I expect some attention to detail in presentation unless I am getting a meal at a chain/franchise. Those things were lacking at Centro's. But you know what wasn't lacking? Lots of "you guys" as in "How are you guys doing?" "Would you guys like more water?" (Always fill a water glass. No questioning required.) Another pet peeve of mine. (I have so many!) Also, in a place that is trying to be upscale, the help should dress accordingly. I'm sure canvas sneakers are super comfy, but the hostess person needs to get herself some real shoes.
                      I would have given Centro's 4 stars, but I cannot tolerate loud, generic jazz as background music, so 3 stars it is!

                      1. Tried Centro last night before going to the Trisha Yearwood concert at Lowell Aud.
                        First thing ..It's one of the few places downtown that are open on Sunday!!
                        It was a little busy and slow service at first but only because everyone arrived at the same time. We sat at the bar..very friendly atmosphere and patrons. The place is beautifully decorated..art deco-ish!! The martini's were good but a little small for 9.50 each.I would stick with wine or beer. My friend and I both had salads- I had endive w/goat cheese and apples and she had marinated flank steak over greens. Both were very good. We split the mac w/ 5 cheeses appetizer- which was superb!! The ultimate comfort food on a cold night. We skipped dessert so I can comment on that. Overall, nice experience..will be going back again to try some other things on the menu. The antipasto appetizer platter looked wonderful as well as the shrimp fritters. I did not see any of the actual dinner menu items but I would assume they would be good based on what we ate and saw at the bar. Finally, another CHOWHOUND worthy choice in Lowell.!!

                        1. Is this Centro formerly of Central Square, Cambridge (where Tavern On The Square is now)?

                          1. Went to Centro for this weekend....2nd time I have been there It was excellent and such a fun place also.We didn't have full meals..My friend and 1 split 1/2 portion Antipasto and Crab/Shrimp nachos..both delicious and was plenty for both of us. We didn't finish either. Everything served looked fabulous. Home made potato chips served at the bar are to die for. A real gem in Lowell. I hope it lasts.

                            1. We finally went to Centro this weekend. A bit underwhelmed, sorry to say. Maybe I need to give it another try but I was pretty disappointed. I ordered a spinach salad with fried goatcheese - good but not great. Not much flavor. I was really disappointed in the seafood ceviche - absolutely no flavor at all (liked steamed seafood, then washed off of any flavors). Hubby did enjoy his seafood dish (Sauteed scallops and shrimp with cheese raviolis w/tomatoes, kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, spicy vermouth sauce). My son and his girlfriend werent' too impressed with theirs either. Our app was the calimari (Sambuca, plum tomatoes, kalamata olives, caper berries) - the sauce was good but calamari didn't absorb any of the flavors.

                              Loved the decor and service was good but not great. She seemed a bit out of it, dazed and confused.

                              Maybe I ordered all wrong that night. - we'll give it another try

                              1. Went there again last week. Ordered off bar menu.Always great food and selection...marscapone/corn risotto was to die for...one of the best risottos Ive ever had. Had Nicoise salad with salmon..delicious..all fresh local veggies. Nice friendly service at the bar. Ive been several times and haven't been disappointed yet.