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Nov 6, 2007 08:44 AM

Santa Fe cheap eats...but tasty?

Is there such a thing in Santa Fe? I am in search of something that is Chowhound worthy but not necessarily the Coyote Cafe.

I am basically a SF (San Francisco) Chowhounder looking for classic Southwestern/NM cuisine. But I will also be visiting with my 2 (cutie-pie) nieces ... so the place should be kid friendly and just where locals like to eat. We will also have access to a car if there are places just outside of the city center of Santa Fe

If you have any suggestions in Santa Fe for me please let me know. Oh, and I love sopapillas and green chiles!!! (and huitlacoches)

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  1. Not the best food in Santa Fe, but your nieces will love Cowgirl Hall of Fame [you will do ok with it too] 319 S. Guadalupe St 505.982.2565

    For a great breakfast and lunch [I haven't had dinner there] try Tesuque Village Market. It is north of SF and is very reasonable I Intersection of Bishops Lodge Road [take that out of SF for a beautiful ride] and Rt 22. 505.988.8848 If time allows, stop at Shidoni Brass Foundry - you will ALL enjoy it.


    1. We actually weren't able to take our trip to Santa Fe that we'd planned back in August but here's a thread I'd posted looking for cheap and cheerful eats that had some good suggestions!

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        Well, I am - if nothing else -- consistent! Same suggestions :)

      2. Without a doubt, our favorite spot in Santa Fe is Pepe's Tacos at 1945 Cerrillos Rd. A few blocks North from St. Michaels drive. It is a little place with about 6 small booths...The freshest Mexican Food in all of Santa Fe. There is a complimentary salsa bar and served with a great avocado sauce. Here is another viewers comments- PEPE’S TACOS, $, A mind-boggling menu of real Mexican antojitos in a psychedelic taco stand. Fresh and good. It outbeats any other Mexican Restaurant in Santa Fe!

        1. Guadalupe Cafe on Old Santa Fe Trail is good and reasonable. Kids like it. Can be crowded, though.