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Nov 6, 2007 08:37 AM

Go Besh!!!

Nice Article in the NY Times:

Last two standing on "Next Iron Chef"! I hope besh gets it. He is such a positive image for New Orleans.

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  1. I agree with Leah Chase, Iron Chef is frivolous and trite for someone of his caliber.

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    1. re: Tonto

      Maybe, but the more attention he gets....the more attention New Orleans gets....and we can't be forgotten as we continue to rebulid and renew.

      1. re: jamielynn

        Your right about that. Can't wait to see him on Iconoclasts , I love that show.

        1. re: jamielynn

          The more attention he gets on TV, the WORSE his restaurant gets . . .

          We were there two week's ago. The food was excellent, but the service/hostess/front of the house was sloppy, inattetive, and basically ruined what should have been (as it has when he was there) an otherwise excellent meal.

          1. re: zin1953

            Went to his steakhouse this weekend, and had the exact opposite experience - attentive, almost letter-perfect service, and at best an average meal (and a $58 strip steak ought to be far better than average, IMHO)

            1. re: paz5559

              is his steakhouse the one inside the harrah's???

              1. re: paz5559

                Keeping in mind that the price is grossly inflated because you're eating in a casino. That's more Harrah's charging you $58 than it is Besh.

                1. re: phyllisstein

                  Harrah's, nor any other casino, serves it's own interests by overcharging for food. The object of the restaurant is to get people into the casino... not make as large of a profit that would be required for a restaurant on the outside to be practical. $58 isn't unreasonable for a dry-aged prime steak. I've eaten at the steakhouse... the food was great on my one visit there. They're quality people using quality ingredients... there is no reason why the food should be less than stellar.

              2. re: zin1953

                Sorry to hear about your experience at Restaurant August. We thought that the service end was good, though greatly surpassed by the kitchen. The only real complaint that we had was in the sommelier's parings, which were poor, at best.

                I do hope that success does not spoil Chef Besh. One one hand, the exposure is good for him and for NOLA dining, in general. However, we all know of chefs, who attain fame, only to turn their backs on the kitchen. Really a slippery slope...


                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  Bill, I agree completely. This was the third time my wife and I dined at Restaurant August, and to say the front of the house f---ed up the meal would be an understandment.

                  One example (I could give about five examples of serious faux pas): I made the reservations months ahead of time, as it was our anniversary. My mother-in-law called the restaurant the day of our anniversary to buy dessert for us. I was helping the waiter tell a customer at a different table about the wine he was drinking, and the waiter told me he wanted to comp us a glass of something. He brought a Spanish CAVA rose. When I mentioned it was rather fitting as it was our anniversary . . . all of a sudden the dessert came out . . . no note, no nothing, from my mother-in-law. We thought the restaurant did it for two days until she asked us how we liked the dessert . . . .

                  Like I said, there's more, but --

                  1. re: zin1953

                    Really too bad. That sort of faux-pas can get a Michelin star yanked in a hurry. I'm not sure that the service staff and front-of-house crew are quite up to Chef John Besh's kitchen.

                    Dining, for us at least, is comprised of many, usually interlocked, components. Service is certainly a big part of this and is not to be overlooked.


                    PS what did you guys do, re: wine? I'd love to hear your take.

                    1. re: Bill Hunt

                      Your comments got me to thinking about the "service" aspect. I poured over several stellar dinners, where the staff carried a less than excellent effort from the kitchen, and then where they ruined an otherwise great experience. I think I'll find the correct board, and start a thread about "front-of-the-house," efforts that made the event, since this will not be geo-centric.

                      Thanks for the impetus and provoking my thoughts.


                      1. re: Bill Hunt

                        Thanks to your reply, I just posted to General Chowhounding Topics, regarding service and front-of-the-house aspects.

                        Again, I appreciate your comments and the thoughts on what ELSE constitues a great dining experience. I did not mean to hijack this thread, and hope that my comments here have not been in poor taste, since we did get a bit away from Chef John Besh.

                        Jason, you always make me think!


          2. i think he got robbed....any thoughts?

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            1. re: jamielynn

              I was listening to some comments today and evidently Bobby Flay has had less than kind remarks for the style of food served in New Orleans. One comment was the Yankee fix was in. I am glad he doesn't have the distraction, John that is, so he can devote his time to cooking for us. Selfish I know.

              1. re: jamielynn

                No, he didn't. No more that anyone gets robs on ANY so-called "reality show." (To paraphrase Mae West, reality has nothing to do with it.)

                I cannot speak to Symon's cooking. I've never been to his restaurants. But I will say that I "knew" that Symon had it in the bag as soon as one of the judges -- during the "battle" -- said that they were looking for the chefs to branch out from their comfort zone, and Besh said there was a bit of Louisiana in everything he was cooking . . . right there, he was SOL!

                1. re: jamielynn

                  Michael Ruhlman wrote about the final decision on his blog:

                  To me, it adds to the sense that the judging was, though probably not deliberately rigged, then not done via a fair, transparent, rigorous process. Which shouldn't be a surprise, of course.

                  1. re: jlafler

                    I am glad Symon won. I think he has the greatest potential of the two chefs. I don't see him getting into too much of a rut with one style of cooking, as all of them commonly do. I will say this though, Chef Symon IS mentioned in at least one of Ruhlman's books. Plus, he has been seen on several food related shows in the past - travel channel, food network and the like.