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Nov 6, 2007 08:35 AM

Where to go for steak in central NJ?

So yesterday I was jonesin for some dry aged USA Prime and went over to Manhattan Steakhouse in Ocean. Delicious! Considering the price of beef these days, the 70$ they charge for a 48oz Porterhouse for 2 didn't seem that absurd, especially when you consider most restaurants will charge you 30$ these days for a not-aged not-prime cut.

Any other good steakhouses in this area?

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  1. Although it might not meet your geographical requirements, check out Roots Steak House in Summit.

    And here's a year old review from the New York Times:

    1. joon - Sadly, Manhattan is the only good one in the area.

      1. I like Chris Michaels Steakhouse in Woodbridge. It used to be Poor Billy's but it was bought, totally renovated and the steak is a la Peter Luger. Delicious, but of course pricey when you pay for prime aged beef. Martini was a rip off at $12.00....too high...good martini, but could we try to price it fairly.

        1. How about Danny's in Red Bank?

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            Danny's was horrible the one time I tried it years ago. I would never go back. Sorry.

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              Joon - the only other good steakhouse I've been to in NJ was the Strip House in Livingston. Obviously its not in Central Jersey.

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                Have to agree with Danny's being lousy.

                Manhattan Steakhouse on Rt 35 was decent, but not that great, and is also very expensive.

                Arthur's used to have a good steak fairly priced, but I haven't been there in years so I have no idea if they still do.

                Will be going to Trinity in Keyport tomorrow night and I'm sure my son will have a steak there. I will report on it in a few days.

                1. re: seal

                  Arthurs still makes an excellent steak for the $ and their liter beer prices can't be beat. But sadly it's a little out of the area and clearly not prime/aged. But for the price I've yet to see a better steak in our area.

            2. The best steak I've had in recent memory was not at a steakhouse - it was at Lorena's Restaurant in Maplewood. Filet Mignon of Organic Beef, Charred Brussel Sprouts,
              Garlic Confit, Potato Purée, Sauce Bordelaise, $38.00. It was a small steak and it was PERFECT.

              For a local place, we like "What's Your Beef" in Rumson. Steaks are cut and trimmed to order. I don't know the grade of beef. I doubt it is dry-aged. It is not excellent, but pretty good, sometimes very good. I like their large salad bar with lots of fresh ingredients.

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                i enjoyed CMichaels the first time around, but the 2nd wasn't as great but still good. DEF pricey. DEF did not like the steakhouse at the Wdge Sheraton. Been wanting to try Manhattan steakhouse, whats the ambiance like? gonna check for a website on them. Lorena's I understand is GREAT all around.

                1. re: nyebaby37

                  It's been many years since we were at Manhattan Steakhouse, but iirc, it has a clubby feel. We sat in a comfortable booth. I tried the url, but it appears they've removed their website.

                  And, yes, Lorena's is wonderful all around! :-)

                2. re: val ann c

                  I had the same dish at Lorena's a couple of weeks ago, and I totally agree. It was absolutely perfect!