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Nov 6, 2007 08:32 AM

50th Birthday Dinner in Providence this Friday

My boss is turning 50 this Friday and she is escaping NYC with a friend and their respective teenage kids. She asked me to find an excellant restuarant in Providence so the 4 of them can go out and celebrate. I turn to you for suggestions!! Price is not an issue, what matters is the food and the ambience. Thank you.

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  1. I would recommend 10 Prime Steak & Sushi (www.tenprimesteakandsushi.com). I'd also recommend Cafe Dolce Vita on the Hill for dessert (outrageous cannolis and dessert drinks) and Local 121 for drinks, but not for the food. It's worth popping in, though; the drinks are fantastic and the bar is gorgeous.

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      For adults and teens, 10 Steak and Sushi is indeed an excellent suggestion. With cost no object, I'd also look at : Siena, Mill's Tavern, Cafe Nuovo, and Gracie's. For something a little different than they'd find on any block in NYC (which none of those suggestions really are), I'd look at CAV as well.

      - Garris

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        I'll second the recs on Siena and Cafe Nuovo. I love CAV as well. Not a 10 fan.

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          Siena & Cafe Nuovo are both great recommendations. Siena can be loud but would probably work for a party w/ teens. The last two times I've been to CAV I've left a bit underwhelmed. Too bad, because really a unique place with great potential, and the food used to be spectacular.

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            Thank you all for the suggestions. CAV looks good. I also heard something about Camille's. Would you recommend it? Thanks again

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              I love Camille's.....highly recommend it!

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                It might be just me but I'm not hugely impressed. It just grates on my nerves they way they put down that little bowl of ziti w/a dollop of plain ol red sauce on top. I don't know why, but i hate it.

      2. one comment: Ten Steak & Sushi isn't up Federal Hill.... so If they want a nice dinner, head somewhere else for desserts...somewhere else for more drinks...I would stick to the Federal Hill area...Gracies or Siena. Agree w comments below.. Lunch is great at CAV, but they lack in the dinner department. Camilles is a great choice as well. If they want a steakhouse, I would do Providence Prime, owned by sister restaurant, Providence Oyster Bar.

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          Gracie's isn't on Atwells anymore. They're in the downcity area, on Washington St.

        2. New Rivers!


          That's where I'd want to go for a birthday.