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Nov 6, 2007 08:15 AM

Great Neck Recommendations?

Looking for moderately priced places (so, please don't mention Bistro Grill) for dinner, meat or dairy. Curious about Natali's Place (menu items, prices) and Shish Kabob Palace. Also, if you know the hashgacha please tell me. (I understand thatShish Kabob Palace is no longer under the VHQ).

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  1. Try the dinner menu at Chosen Village for meat and Dairy King in New Hyde Park for a "Ratners" experience. Bother are excellent value and supervised by VHQ.

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      I happen to think that K Roasters (fast food) has pretty good Chinese food if you don't mind the lack of decor. I also like Danny's (Persian food).

    2. I do not believe that Shish Kebab Palace has reliable hashgacha. Natali's is not bad for fish, pasta, pizza, etc. I little further away is Mazur's in Little Neck.

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      1. re: mggn

        I am wondering why Shish Kabob Palace is no longer Vaad of Queens certified.

        They had excellect schwarma. Waiting for Off the Grill to open is like waiting for Godot.

        1. re: jeterfan

          I had a couple of lousy meals at Shish Kabob Palace more then a year ago but last Sunday was a different experience. I had the chicken shwarma on Laffah and the sandwich was good. It was easily large enough for two with a ton of salad and hummus. Not nearly as good as Hummus World but after a movie at the Squire I will consider it.

        2. re: mggn

          They had briefly changed to a not-fully-accepted hechsher. But tonight they had a sign in the window saying that they are back under the Queens Vaad.

        3. I recommend Chosen or Colbeh. I do not recommend Mazur's or Dairy King.

          1. I've personally never been to Danny's but my Persian friends rave about the food. I like Kolbeh alot too but it's best to go in the middle of the week to get really great service.

            1. We recently visited Bistro Deli (next door to Bistro Grill) after not going there for a year or two. We were pleasantly surprised by the selection and quality.

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                I like Chosen, Colbeh, and Danny's. Danny's does not have the ambiance of Colbeh, but I like their food better than Colbeh.

                By the way, is the Tel Aviv Steakhouse in Great Neck good?

                1. re: jeterfan

                  I agree about Chosen Village. Best kosher Chinese I think I've had. The steakhouse was good, but not so spectacular I'd go back

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                    Terl Aviv Steakhouse is good for one thing at least, Chicken Shwarma on Laffa to go. I have had it about half a dozen times in the last few months and it has been excellent each time. It is huge and at $10.75 feeds two people. The place is terrible to eat at with hard tile floors and nothing to absorb sound. Add in plain hard chairs and tables and it is not a place to dine comfortably. The felafel is mediocre as it is not freshly made and the "matchuba" is terrible. The lamb kabob was a gristly mess.