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Nov 6, 2007 08:06 AM

Chesterfield Inn, Chesterfield, NJ?

I drove by there last week, and it looks very charming from the outside. Has anyone been here and what do you think?

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  1. I used to live near there and would go on occasion. I ate in the dining room a few times, but my main experience was at the bar for drinks and appetizers. They have TV's and a few tables in the bar area, and you can buy package goods there. Above the bar is a second story that is not open to the public from what I can tell, and there's never anyone up there. Adds to the atmosphere I guess. There is also a separate dining area to the right when you walk in. I was never crazy about their food, to me it was expensive, like $20 average for an entree. (if I remember correctly they had American cuisine). The place gets really packed on weekends, too. Kind of older crowd, but me and my friends would still go for a late night drink.

    1. I agree with retrovertigo, the prices are high, but it’s the only restaurant with a liquor license for miles around. I found the food to be pretty good, but like retrovertigo I’ve mainly had lunch there at the bar. The few times that I’ve had dinner there I enjoyed it. I think it’s definitely worth a visit. Check out their website at . The place was built in 1710. Part of the bar is the original building. I’ve been told that in order to preserve the beamed ceiling, they had to lower the floor to bring it up to a modern height.

      1. This place is GREAT! They have terrific food and I don't feel its expensive at all. I think they have $2 draft beers and $7 beer pitchers. To me, TGI Fridays is expensive! This place has live music every friday and Sat. night with some really great bands. The menu is Italian, with a cajun spice to it. I believe that they have two trained chefs, one guy is Italian and the Other guy is from New Orleans. He makes great cajun food. There is nothing like eating and drinking in a place that George Washington may have hungout in! I love this place, the staff, and the FOOD! Evryone should stop by this place!

        1. They have great barpie and their potaote-leek soup is to die for but I woul head out to Mastoris and theTtown and Country diners myself for a good meal~DEB

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            The only other place that comes to mind even remotely in the area is the Happy Apple Inn located in Imlaystown. They have pretty good food but can be expensive. Their specialty is prime rib which is excellent and a good deal on the night(s) that it is a special.

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              Do they still have that apple carpet? and how about the salad bar? thanks tom if you know~DEB

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                Yes, the red carpet and salad bar are still there. It was one of my parents favorite eating spots while I was growing up and we went there quite often. A couple years ago, I "rediscovered" HAI and it's still among my favorite places. The children of the owner have taken over the place, but their menu is still pretty much the same (it's worked for years), and the specials are can be fabulous. I had one of the best roasted stuffed pork loins ever at HAI. I wholeheardtedly recommend the Happy Apple Inn.

          2. seems the old owners are back - they were gone for like 2 years. They lowered a lot of food prices and the food is good again. You should try it.