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Nov 6, 2007 07:42 AM

hot stuff, vauxhall

the reason that you don't get great indian food here in london is that there isn't a huge indian born community that lives here - indeed, most indians here are third generation now. and the original indians that came here came mainly from east africa and not from the homeland. add the bangladeshi takeover of indian restaurants and you can explain the current dismal state of
indian cooking here.

there is one place i've found however that is run by an east african descended indian with a pakistani chef that is well worth the visit - its very cheap too. that's hot stuff: it has the heavy handedness of the north with vegetables, but everything is clean and fresh. some dishes are outright winners - the paneer masala for instance.

go try it - the owner raj dawood is a real character.

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  1. Excellent. I pass through Vauxhall on my bus to Brixton every Saturday. I'll probably eat there on the way home from the market next week. What are the entree prices like?

    1. Thanks for recommending this place Howler, I am looking forward to trying it too. I have just read a couple of very favourable reviews.

      Also thanks for telling us about the Chandrika soap. It really is all you said it would be.

      1. Is Hot Stuff 100% veg btw? I might eat there tomorrow on the way back from Brixton.

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        1. re: JFores

          no - its good versions of curry house type things run by a colorful pakistani from east africa. its life imitating bangla imitating the real thing, but this iteration is fresh (usually) and cheap.

          try his lamb dopiaza (dunno why he doesnt use goat as we indo paks do) and whatever hes recommending. warning: you wont get your socks blown off, its sorta new tayyabi'ish.
          in fact, save your dough and email me - i might be able to turn you on to a tayyabs run.

        2. The only positive thing about being stationed in Vauxhall corporate housing was Hot Stuff. With so many food options in London, I haven't been back. But now that you mention it...

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          1. re: CTownFeedR

            I'm going to have to add this place to my food itinerary for next week's visit to the old country. Thanks Howler.

          2. Three things about Hot Stuff!,

            1. Location is not it's USP...
            2. BYOB (no corkage, if I remember correctly)
            3. Specials board has some of the best stuff and some of the dishes are only available second half of the week.

            Good food, well cooked at reasonable prices and a boon for those that live South of the River.