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Nov 6, 2007 07:33 AM

Pork Belly in SFLA

I had a great pork belly entree at Bouchon in Las Vegas last month. Does anyone know of any places down here in South Florida that serve the same?

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  1. Michael's Genuine is currently doing a very nice pork belly w/ kimchee & peanuts.

    Yakko San now has added to the regular menu their wonderful grilled pork bellly. Not a big braised cube as I suspect they do at Bouchon, and as they do at Michael's, but rather thin slivers which are grilled till semi-crispy. Yummy stuff.

    I believe the Setai had a pork belly dish on their Miami Spice menu and may have on the regular menu, but I don't know.

    That's what comes to mind immediately.

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      Jeez Frod, you beat me to the punch and with the exact places that I was going to mention. The only thing I'll add is that the Setai dish seemed more like a Miami Spice dish vs. a permanent one. I remember it was a coconut curry with a couple of pieces of pork belly. I'd be surprised if it was still on their dinner menu (I could see it at lunch). The Michael's version has been hit or miss. Sometimes they've gone overboard on the sweet sauce, other times it's been insanely good. As for Yakko San's, it used to only be a special but I guess it's gotten popular enought to add to the regular menu. It's definitely on my rotation.

      1. re: Frodnesor

        pork belly was not on the regular menu at the setai when I went (pork belly was specifically why we did the spice menu when we went). But they also could have changed the menu since I was there over the summer.

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          The pork belly dish at Michael's was the best dish i tasted there last month. The kimchee is not your typical kimchee taste (which was great, because I am not a huge fan). It was a little spicy though... so keep that in mind.

          1. re: sprmario

            I too had the pork belly at Bouchon when I was in Vegas and it was AMAZING..I have the recipe, but I dont know where to buy pork belly. Does it have another name at the grocery store, does anyone know where I can get it?

            1. re: MiamiSarah

              Our bacon comes from pork belly. Buy big chunks. For recipe ideas, try

              1. re: Miami Danny

                Keep in mind though that pork belly is fresh, not cured or smoked like bacon or salt pork, etc. Don't think I've seen it at the big chain supermarkets. Might want to try some of the smaller markets. The Food Giant on 79th St. Causeway has a much broader selection of "variety meats" than I'll typically see at the big chains (I'm not vouching for quality - though it probably doesn't matter as much when you're talking about a cut like pork belly, so long as you check the expiration date closely).

                1. re: Frodnesor

                  Price Supermarket on Biscayne and 83rd/84th St used to carry it, but they seem to have shut down. Anyone know what happened?

                  1. re: Frodnesor

                    Is pork belly the same cut as what spanish chicharron comes from? If so, I have seen at Sedano's and some Publixs (one in Dadeland comes to mind) where its actually labed pork belly. If not, I'm sure that butcher from same markets will order or cut for you. Lets face it, latins love pork fat!

                    1. re: eatnbmerry

                      Chicharron I always though were pork rinds which is fried and rendered skin - but potentially could be made with other parts including belly.

                      1. re: Frodnesor

                        Ty Frod,

                        You are right, but the south american style chicharron uses a meatier cut and perhaps that is what I have seen. I do remember it being labed pork belly/barigilla de puerco.

                2. re: MiamiSarah

                  you need to find a good butcher. I'm not sure where to find it though. This is probably a good idea for another thread... good butchers in Miami. I usually go to Argentine markets like Grazziano's and La Estancia if i want good beef. They usually have very decent prices and great quality beef there. The Whole Foods in S. Miami has a very good meat section as well. They have aged beef and they have a lot of different cuts of lamb, pork, and veal. I haven't seen pork belly though.