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Nov 6, 2007 07:21 AM

[Hou] Saturday business brunch?


I'm looking for a brunch place to go on a Saturday for business (that is, we need to be able to hear each other) within 10 miles of downtown Houston.

Breakfast Klub - too loud
Catalan - closed sat brunch
Dharma cafe - closed sat brunch
Empire cafe - don't like it
brasil - is there something better?

please advise!

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    1. re: GlobalFoodie

      excellent suggestion! unfort. my guest is going there for a business dinner on Thursday. argh. i will keep looking.

      1. The places you list are all pretty casual, so this suggestion may be coming from left field, but Brennan's is a classic, upscale spot for brunch. In general, brunch seems to be associated with fun, and fun is almost always associated with loud, so that is the situation you typically end up with.

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        1. re: vergilius

          I love Brennans brunch. The foods pretty good, sure its pricey but the vibe/atmosphere is the best in the city. Problem is I don't think it is open for brunch on Saturday?

          1. re: jscarbor

            Brennan's sounds lovely but too upscale for this particular brunch. It is now on my list though.

            I decided to go with the daily review cafe. it has brunch, prices mid-range, and it's open saturday. i'll see how it goes!

            1. re: tatitraveller

              Daily Review Cafe: Great for brunch.

              I had crabcake eggs benedict. The crab cake was excellent (crispy on the outside, soft texture on the inside, spicy, more crab than filler), although somewhat small portioned. Good coffee.

              We sat on the covered porch in the back. You can hear yourself talk, the service is efficient and friendly, coffee refilled forever. We sat for 3 hrs and they were gracious about us taking up table space.