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Favorite Breakfast sandwich

I love making breakfast sandwiches. My weekend fare is usually pretty simple, (bagel, egg, cheese, mustard, and canadian bacon or something along those lines.) but, I had an awesome panini this morning (from the office cafeteria no less), so I thought I would try to share with everyone, and see if there are any other great ideas out there to spice up my weekends. Sorry this isn't exact, but I tried to pay attention to how they made it. They used one of those big electric griddles, so I plan on trying it at home on my griddle.

Prosciutto/Havarti Breakfast Panini

Thin sliced prosciutto
Havarti cheese
Whole grain mustard
Thick sliced, panini bread. (Gotta find out what kind)

Beat 1 egg for each sandwich you are making, and thin it out with a little milk or water. I think you want the egg to be thin. Dice up the scallions very fine.
Cut and butter the panini bread, and set that on the griddle to begin toasting. After you flip it once, add a slice of havarti cheese on one slice and cover to let the cheese melt. Spread the whole grain mustard on the other slice of bread. While that is toasting, slowly pour some of the egg onto the griddle, and let it cook up while adding scallions. Fold over several times to cook through, and end up with a sandwich shaped layer of eggs and scallions. Just before final plating, drop some of the prosciutto onto the skillet and warm up slightly. Put the egg onto the bread and top with the prosciutto. Serve. Delicious!

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  1. I have a couple

    #1 Fried brown egg with a runny yolk
    Bacon/sausage or gyros meat
    cheese(swiss,mozarella, pepperjack, or provolone)
    atop a buttered toasted english muffin

    #2 Scrambled brown eggs with pieces of veal bologna
    Cheese(swiss, ppperjack, or provolone)
    atop a buttered toasted english muffin

    I substitute toasted wheat bread if I do not have english muffins around

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      cream cheese, smoked salmon, poached egg, scallions on a toasted english muffin

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        is this like an open faced sandwhich? Sounds good! reminds me of my favorite style of eggs benedict, only no hollandaise

    2. 1. Goat brie, fried sage, slow scrambled eggs, and prosciutto; avocado, if I can get it
      2. Thick slice of tomato, red onion, poached egg, gouda, and Canadian bacon
      3. Marmite, fried egg, pepper jack cheese (workday morning breakfast in the car)
      4. Avocado mashed up with lemon juice, lots of salt, prosciutto, and a fried egg

      1. Crunchy everything bagel, cream cheese, doritos.
        Onion bagel with cream cheese and tomato.
        White toast with egg salad, simple and good.
        Twelve grain bread with peanut butter, sliced apple.
        Left over italian sausage with scrambled egg on italian bread
        Peppers and eggs on italian bread.
        Left over spinach with scrambled egg and feta.

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          I see you like breakfast sandwiches? I love the idea of using left-overs from dinner, which if I think about it, could open up some creative possibilties. Dinner Friday nite, becomes even better breakfast Sat AM....

        2. Oh, I feel rather unsophisticated now...but this has definitely been breakfast for the last two weeks or so!

          Just ripe juicy pear, thinly sliced + natural peanut butter (but almond would probably be amazing) + cinnamon/nutmeg on really good whole wheat or other dark bread. Mmm.

          1. Not an egg guy.
            Almond butter, banana and honey on hearty multigrain bread.
            Smoked salmon, cream cheese, thin onion or scallions on everything bagel. original, huh?

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              thanks for the non-egg suggestions. Despite my breakfast cravings, I gotta watch the cholesterol. And I LOVE smoked salmon!

            2. KISS

              1 - Bagel, cream cheese, novey and a thin slice of tomato
              2 - Bacon, egg and cheese on a good hard roll
              3 - Taylor ham, egg and cheese on a good hard roll

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                  The beauty of regional differences.

                  Taylor (it's the brand name) ham is a spicy pork roll that is sold in grocers. jfood thinks it is somewhat of a spicy bologna type product. Throw it into a pan of sizzling salted butter, flip, place on a hard roll, throw an egg in the pan and break the yolk, flip, top with LOL white American and place on the ham. A little heaven on the GSP.

                  Here's a link


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                    Thanks! Regional differences are interesting - we do fried bologna sandwiches, more of a lunch thing, here in Ohio. On white bread with Mayo & Am cheese.

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                      I grew up in Ohio and love fried bologna too. simple and delish...no reason it couldn't be a breakfast sandwich either. I add mustard and ketchup to mine.

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                        Bologna is different from Taylor in a similar manner that regular salami is different from Kosher salami is different from Italian salami. Each are great in their own right and a fried bologna sandwich with mayo and cheese on white is a great sandwich (throw a slice of pickle on that one) but a taylor ham sandwich is slightly different thanthe Oscar Mayer/Boars Head/HN bologna sammich..

                2. This morning the pickings were slim as I really need to get to the market, so the SO and I had cashew butter and apricot jam on sliced no knead bread. My SO sprinkled his sandwich with a bit of granola and I put some raisins on mine. Very satisfying, though typically I like to eat something with a slower burn than white no knead bread for breakfast. Over the weekend we had smoked turkey sausage and havarti on sourdough(another just using what we had on hand sandwich). I put the sandwiches together the night before and wrapped them v. tightly in plastic wrap and kept them in the fridge over night. This made a huge difference and greatly improved the sandwich as all of the flavors had melded so nicely.

                  1. I love breakfast sandwiches too!

                    When I'm feeling health-conscious: whole grain toast with a couple of scrambled egg whites, a slice of low fat ham and a slice of tomato

                    When I'm not: toasted sesame bagel with scrambled egg and onion, melted aged cheddar and sliced sausage or bacon

                    1. Mine's easy. First, I love sandwiches ... and breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

                      Secondly, my favorite sandwich is a BLT.

                      Many years ago I was able to go to a little car wash snack stand to buy a killer BLT with egg before work a couple of times a week. I've never been able to replicate it exactly but this is the idea:

                      3 slices toasted bread [my favorite is toasted rye]
                      1 egg softly cooked
                      Crunchy lettuce

                      Assemble these into your sandwich. Slice in half and serve while the cruch remains in the toast, the sandwich and the lettuce.

                      Yum ...

                      1. I have to credit 'wichcraft in NYC with this one:
                        Poached egg, gorgonzola, frisee, and bacon on ciabatta.

                        ~Eddie H.

                        1. Don't usually do this as trying to watch calories, BUT...my fav is grilled croissant with 2 poached or fried eggs, couple slices bacon or sausage patties, Jarlsberg or Gouda cheese - about 10,000 calories!

                          A weekend usual is toasted sesame bagel with low fat cream cheese and sliced green olives.