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Nov 6, 2007 07:01 AM

Portland Lunch Spot

Hi -

My husband and I are looking for a great spot to have lunch this weekend in Portland. What would you suggest? We like all kinds of food, but prefer a somewhat casual environment. We've already tried Duckfat, Walters, and Vignola. Suggestions?

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  1. Are you limited to Portland proper or are you looking for a day trip?

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    1. re: jspear

      Nope, not limited to Portland. This will be a day trip, and I think it would be great to try something outside of the city.

      1. re: JenBoes

        I would drive north a bit to Brunswick and try the Back St Bistro. We have been there regularly for dinner and always are impressed by the variety of the menu, service and quality and freshness of the food. Wine list is also above average with many varieties to try. I'm not sure if the Great Impasta is open for Lunch but that is a nice stop in Brunswick as well. If you are really willing to travel, continue on to Le Garage in Wiscasset and eat out on the enclosed patio. Very New England menu but I really like the atmosphere.

        1. re: jspear

          After lunch drive down to Popham Beach and have the walk of your life, beautiful sandy beach with Fox Island access at low tide. On a nice day, can't beat the views......

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            One glitch . . . I called Back Street Bistro and they are only open for dinner! Bummer. I read a review awhile back in Downeast and it sounded great.

    2. That sounds great . . . and actually Brunswick is closer for us anyway. We live in Belgrade.

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        If you are going through Bath, stop at Mae's Cafe for baked goods, dessert and coffee, the best mixed berry pie I have ever eaten, used to be Kristina's. There is a small what used to be a greasy spoon at the end of 209 in Popham, Spinney's but the lobster roll might be OK. Also, on the way down 209 is Sebasco Estates that has a little coffee shop with great views of the water......Have fun, I'm jealous of anyone who has the opportunity to enjoy that part of Maine.....

      2. The Front Room on Munjoy Hill(which gets tonier by the day) and you can walk 2 blocks to the Eastern Prom - with great views of the bay.

        1. Defintely casual- Dogfish(2 locations). Always good. MIght be limited menu during the day....

          1. Well, since you're driving south from Belgrade, what about Conundrum on Rt. 1 on the Yarmouth/Freeport line (right underneath the big Indian)? Definitely meets your criterion of casual, bistro-type menu, excellent choices of wines (the owner has a HUGE cellar).