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Nov 6, 2007 06:55 AM

$75: Date in WBurg/Gpoint, need ideas

This weekend I'm taking a date to the new bowling alley that opened up on North 14th and Berry in Greenpoint, thought it would be a fun idea. Looking for dinner ideas in Greenpoint or Williamsburg - ideally not too far south of Bedford or Lormier L stops as the alley is north of there - entrees in the $15-20 range so we can share an appetizer and each have a drink. Nothing too loud or overly romantic. We're both good eaters, so something with a unique menu is welcome. Thanks so much all

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  1. I did a little searching, there's a new place that opened a month or 2 ago called Miranda, but I can't find any reviews/info about it. Also the Radegast Biergarten finally opens this Thursday, which could be fun, but also could be ridiculously packed.

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      Just read on Eater that the Biergarten opening may be pushed to next week. So, call before you go to make sure.

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        where is radegast biergarten located?

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        Miranda hasn't opened yet. I live down the block and they are still in full construction mode.

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          Ah thanks Strawbrry, do you know anything about what kind of food/atmosphere it will be?

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            I don't know what kind of food it's going to be but from the sign and the space, it looks like it's going to be a cute, romantic, date-y place. They're literally still working on putting up dry wall so there are very few clues. I'll report back when I know more. :)

      3. I've been interested in trying Silent H which is near there. I've had their bahn mi which I thought was good.

        Reviews on this board are mixed - some think it's overpriced and not that authentic, some think it's good and/or have good dishes.

        The space is nice and low key - not sure how loud it gets for dinner.

        Silent H
        79 Berry St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

        1. How about Aurora on Grand? Some of the entrees are in the $15-20 range, some meat dishes closer to $25.

          1. this is a bit further, but Moto near the M train in S Wburg is a great and romantic cheapish date spot.

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                Aurora is pretty far South, and Moto is farther still, although both offer solid food in a romantic setting (Aurora rather formally so). Dumont on Union would certainly meet your criteria, although it's not particularly new or flashy.
                Brooklyn Label in Greenpoint might do the trick as well. Neither of these even make my top 5 for inspired neighborhood dining options, but they each have their strengths and are relatively accessible to The Gutter.

            1. sweetwater tavern (n6th btwn berry and wythe) w/ tapas and a glass of wine at nita nita en route.

              zenkichi (n6th and wythe) -- though it's a bit more romantic.

              chai (n6th and wythe) -- thai in a cozy, stylish setting.