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Mail order crab cakes

abbs91 Nov 6, 2007 06:47 AM

I'd like to send a little bit of Baltimore home to my relatives in New England over the holidays....in the form of mail-order crab cakes. I see that both Faidleys and Angelinas do mail order (and know that the Angelina's mail order is no longer affiliated w/ the restaurant). Anyone have any suggestions as to which one ships a better crab cake? Has anyone ever used either mail order service before? Thanks.

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  1. h
    hon RE: abbs91 Nov 6, 2007 07:33 AM

    Angelinas hasn't been what is was for years - go with Faidleys!

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    1. re: hon
      chowsearch RE: hon Nov 6, 2007 07:38 AM

      Faidley's, the backfin one tastes better the next day than the more expensive jumbo lump and I've had better end-user post-event assessment by asking them to ship uncooked rather than broiled.

    2. ace4311 RE: abbs91 Nov 6, 2007 10:25 AM

      G & M Restaurant in Linthicum I think are the best around. They have Crab Balls, Stuffed Shrimp, Crab Cakes, Stuffed Oysters, Stuffed Soft Shell Crab that you can order and be sent anywhere.I highly suggest them. I sent my cousins crab cakes in Oregon it is simple and easy. Their website is http://www.gandmcrabcakes.com/

      1. JonParker RE: abbs91 Nov 7, 2007 02:58 AM

        A third vote for Faidleys. I'd avoid G&M.

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        1. re: JonParker
          ko1 RE: JonParker Nov 7, 2007 05:59 AM

          I'm told that Romano's on Ritchie Highway is now owned by a relative of the original owner of G&M and has comparable crabcakes to the G&M of old. Don't think they do mail order, though. I too would recommend Faidley's although I've heard good things about Angelina's mail order (which is operated by the original restaurant owners I'm told).

        2. chowser RE: abbs91 Nov 7, 2007 09:52 AM

          As recommended to me by others here, Chris's crabcakes are excellent. You can pick them up at area farmers markets first to try them out before ordering.



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          1. re: chowser
            Annapolis07 RE: chowser Nov 7, 2007 12:21 PM

            I love the jumbo lump cakes at Annapolis Seafood Market. I believe they ship as well.

          2. h
            Hue RE: abbs91 Nov 7, 2007 03:43 PM

            It ain't a little bit of B'more..but check out Jerry's Seafood website...I've had good luck with their mail order products

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            1. re: Hue
              Joe H RE: Hue Nov 7, 2007 03:54 PM

              Angelina's, based on a visit within the past couple of months, is only a distant shadow from what it once was. A number of people on this board know my negative opinions about G & M so there's no point in rehashing this palace of pale lump Indonesian crustacean meat. Jerry's is overall, the best Maryland style seafood restaurant in the greater D. C./Baltimore area. Faidley's is excellent, also. I would go with either. Suicide Bridge, for me, is the equal of Jerry's and also worth a consideration but this is outside of Cambridge. The single best crab cake of all-for flavor as well as for lumps-is The Narrows on Kent Island.

              I've never been short of an opinion...

              1. re: Joe H
                ko1 RE: Joe H Nov 7, 2007 04:37 PM

                Once again, this was a request for mail order. Angelina's mail order has nothing to do with the present-day Angelina's restaurant, which should be avoided at all costs. You need to check out Koco's sometime Joe. It could be a good CH dinner if we go on Thursday's when crab is on special.

                1. re: ko1
                  Joe H RE: ko1 Nov 7, 2007 05:05 PM

                  I miss the dinners we use to have on this board. My wife and I are up (especially she who is even more obsessed with crab cakes and Jumbos than I am!) for any dinner that anyone would like to organize. For ourselves, we WILL find a way to visit Koco's in the next several months. Really do appreciate the recommendation.

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