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Nov 6, 2007 06:29 AM

Cheap Eats, Rhode Island

What is your favorite place to get an inexpensive meal, in or around Providence? I'm thinking pub grub kind of place. Definitely need a sit-down restaurant with drinks.

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  1. My favorite Providence cheap eat that fits the bill is McCormick and Schmick's happy hour menu. The most amazing part is the $1.95 half-pound cheeseburger with fries and a pickle! The special is only good if you sit in the bar area (which includes tables and booths) and have a couple of drinks.

    I wrote a bit about it here:

    Another one that comes to mind is a sandwich at Cuban Revolution...

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    1. re: cajuntoast

      I've never been to the orig but the new one down on Valley is really good - I've eaten there twice, both times under $10. Good cocktails too.

      Edited to say, I'm referring to Cuban Revolution.

    2. I can't really speak to cheap (because I'm rarely aiming specifically for low prices in my destinations as a driving force), but my favorite drink and grub places are:
      - East Ave Cafe Pawtucket
      - Trinity Brewhouse downtown
      - Jake's in the Jewelry District
      - Ivy Tavern on the East Side

      For just excellent food that's dirt cheap (no drinks), that's Taqueria Lupita in Central Falls on Dexter Street.

      - Garris

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      1. re: Garris

        These are all my favorites, too. I wonder how often we've shared bar space in our fair city? :)

        I'd toss the Fez into the mix, if for nothing other than the delicious grilled cheese. They made a serviceable cocktail there. The gimlets come in a cocktail glass the size of my head, to boot...

        1. re: Garris

          Just had lunch @ East Ave Cafe. Fish & Chips, strong ale(Arrogant Bastard), service, all super. How crowded does this place get before PawSox games?

          1. How about the Red Fez? Definitely a divey atmosphere (I took the BF's mother here for dinner on my first trip), but the food is good.

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            1. re: thinks too much

              red vez is good but i dont think its cheap.actually i felt it was pretty expensive,but whatever.for cheap and good id say lili marlenes on atwells,or maybe jillians (though not really cheap again)or the red stripe.

            2. Uh, Wrights Farm! The best $10.25 I can spend...LJ"s bbq has a new $15 dinner special and Taqueria Pacificia is always on point...Oh, and Chilango's - a guava margarita and "chilango's style burrito" always does the trick for a mere $12.

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              1. re: HungryHipster

                Is Chilango's dinner only? I attempted to try it for lunch today and it was closed! No sign on door for hours.

                But based on board recs I ended up at Rasoi and couldn't have been happier.

                1. re: JaneRI

                  Chilangos is closed on Wednesdays. Open every other day for lunch and dinner.

                  1. re: basachs


                    I have GOT to get back on track, packing a lunch - been going out every day. I just had the BEST burger and fries at Icon on Valley St today. The fries are amazing.

                    1. re: JaneRI

                      Chilango's is my favorite. It is the only Mexican I have ever had in the US that could compete with the showstoppers from my months roaming Mexico... YUM! I need to get there more often. The pambazo is fantastic... ¡riquísimo! (I have been to Chilangos with those more accustomed to US-style Mexican, and they were surprised, even taken aback by the flavors).

                      CH turned me on to La Arepa in Pawtucket. This is NOT fancy, but you can sit down and eat a lot of great food without shelling out a lot of money... no alcohol, but they do have jugos and Colombian sodas, which is very cool, and the food is fantastic! We take arepas to go and load up on pastries from the little place just down the block. Mmm-mmm!

                      1. re: foxy fairy

                        OMG. I went at lunch today. Blows Mexico Garibaldi away. I had 2 tamales (chicken mole, chicken in red sauce) and a taco - bisteck, onions and cilantro. WOW. All that and a can of soda for $6.21 incl tax!

                        1. re: JaneRI

                          just tried la casa del pueblo on another chow rec - great mex on broad in CF. killer tacos - grilled steak, goat (less than $2 ea). friend had some tostadas & the flan. all great.

                        2. re: foxy fairy

                          Try el rancho grande if you are a picky Mexican eater. You won't be disappointed.

                            1. re: foxy fairy

                              La Arepa just got its beer and wine license yesterday (5/21/09).

                              1. re: Hydromel

                                Good for La Arepa! I like that place so much. I would like to eat there again. Yum! Now that La Casa del Pueblo is closed, where are people going? I might try Taqueria Lupita in CF. I do always like Chilangos, but I am looking for something more along the lines of La Casa del Pueblo.

                                Where is El Hidalguense???

                        3. re: JaneRI

                          It's always closed. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to go there and had to go find somewhere else because there was a sign on the door. One of the reasons I finally stopped going there. ::annoyed::