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Nov 6, 2007 06:24 AM

Asian/Indian Markets in SJ?

While back in South Jersey (Mt. Holly, Moorestown, Cherry Hill area) for the holiday, I want to make some Thai and Indian food for the family. Any recommended markets for getting Asian ingredients, spices, herbs (esp. curry leaf), fresh aromatics, etc?

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  1. There's an H Mart in Cherry Hill:
    Also, there is "Asian Market", on Route 70 in the Barclay Farm shopping center. Both are pretty good sized stores, but I think the produce is better at the H Mart.
    Additionally, there is a small Indian grocery on the corner of Springdale and Greentree Road in Cherry Hill.

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    1. re: mschow

      Thank you very much. I'll check them out while I'm back there.

    2. There's a small Indian grocery near the corner of Haddonfield Road and Maple Avenue in Cherry Hill. Very pleasant place around the corner from the CH mall. If you start at the mall, take a right onto Haddonfield Road go straight (through that one major light) and then another right onto Maple Ave. The grocery's in a small white building to your right, just past the gas station on the corner, and it's not very obvious. No parking lot, but easy parking on the side street.

      Spices of India
      1086 Maple Avenue
      Cherry Hill,
      New Jersey 08002
      Phone: (856) 317-1700

      1. Just off 295 exit 32 on Berlin Rd
        Indian groceries and a chaat shop.
        (You can get better chaat elsewhere; like on springdale rd)

        Subzi Mandi Cherry Hill
        1 (856) 354-5061
        1400 Berlin Rd Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

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          You know, I did not mention the place you are talking about as I was treated very strangely the one time I went in there. And, not in a friendly way at all. I felt like they did not want me in the store, and I was very uncomfortable. All I wanted to do was just look around, and it was apparent they did not want me in the store. I don't know if it was because I am not Indian, or because I was a woman alone. Whatever, I left after being followed around with disapproving looks. It was definately creepy, so I won't be going back there!
          I go to the store on Springdale regularly, and am always treated in a friendly and helpful way. Also, love Little Thai Kitchen and Pho Eden in the same shopping center.

          1. re: mschow

            I'm sorry you had a bad time there. I feel the same way sometimes but sometimes I get stuff there because it's close and they have a huge variety of spices and groceries; and my wife works a block away so she brings home a couple samosas now and then which aren't too bad.

            The springdale place (rahjbohg? I know I misspelled it!) has fresh chaat with a greater variety and will make you a dosa to order! I don't know any other Indian place that makes them around here. And yes they are friendly. I ask what are probably annoying questions like "what's that stuff"? "How do you eat it"? and they aren't bothered.

            It's a strange little strip mall. several really good places to eat right next to each other.

            A few miles down burnt whatever road towards the echelon mall there is another grocery on the left. It's pretty small but might have what you want.

        2. Produce Junction sells fresh curry leaves frequently.

          What I'd like to find though are fresh Kafir Lime leaves. Anyone?

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          1. re: rockhopper

            Wegmans in Mt Laurel had em last week,,,,

            1. re: spinach

              Really!? Great and thanks.
              Where in the store were they located?

              1. re: rockhopper

                They are in the produce section in Mt. Laurel. They have had them the last few times I have been in the store. I think they were on the far right side of the produce section (if you come in the store and go directly into the produce dept, they were somewhere on the left in the last produce row). I've heard that Whole Foods sometimes has them as well.

                1. re: mschow

                  Thanks guys. Ill get some this weekend.

                  The wegman's in CH has had fresh galangal but not
                  the kaffir lime leaves. I see curry and tom kha gai in my future...

                  Trader Joes's has "Thai peanuts" with dried red peppers, kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass. If you can stand heat they are a great snack.

                  1. re: rockhopper

                    They did indeed have the lime leaves albeit misspelled.
                    And this past weekend they had them again.

                    But, not at the Cherry Hill Wegmans and both locations no longer carry galangal.

                    1. re: rockhopper

                      Yes, love the mis-spellings at many grocery stores. Poblano peppers have been pablanos, pobolinos, pabalinos, pobaranos at stores from Wegmans to Whole Foods!

          2. It's a little drive from your area, but if you don't mind driving to the Atlantic City area there is a supermarket-sized Asian grocery in Pleasantville. It's enormous and I'd think they would have what you are looking for. My only problem there is it's hard to find english-speaking help.

            It's on the Black Horse Pike at the Pleasantville shopping center as you enter Pleasantville.