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Nov 6, 2007 06:16 AM

Where to eat near 21st and Sansom

Seven of us need a reasonably priced restaurant Saturday night within easy walking distance of 21st and Sansom. Yes, Porcini would top my list if it weren't so small and our party so (relatively speaking) large. Is that Thai restaurant at 23rd and Sansom still there?


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    It is a very good BYOB. Salento - 23rd and Walnut

    1. Yes Erewan is still there and very good.

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      1. re: joluvscards

        I wasn't think Erewan, though that is good. There's another place, maybe it's 24th and Sansom right on the corner.

        1. re: hungry100

          There is a Thai restaurant on the corner of Sansom and 23rd. Haven't been there in years, however. I don't remember it being especially good, though.
          For very casual and inexpensive, the Bards on Walnut, decent pub food.
          Agree that Erewan is pretty good.

          1. re: hungry100

            I think Erewan is the Thai place at 23rd and Sansom. I used to work in that area and walked past it often enough. Am I crazy? This is possible today, mind you.

            1. re: AnnieG

              I'll look this weekend and report back.

        2. Are you thinking of Smile Cafe? Because that spot is really, really small. Your party might take up the whole restaurant! I'd try for Erawan if you're thinking Thai.

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          1. re: Ali

            no...the place I'm thinking of was/is a pretty good size...across from what (many, many years ago) was Cavenaugh's.

            1. re: hungry100

              Grab a bottle and head right to Caffe Casta Diva.
              (that is, if you can get in!)

          2. I was wrong; you were right. Erewan is the restaruant on the corner I was thinking of. I had it confused with Amara Cafe, which closed. Thanks everyone.Erewan it will be.