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Miami Beach Hot Dogs

Are there any good places to get a hot dog in Miami Beach like the old Big Daddy's on Lincoln Road? Also is there any updates on the Rascal House closing in the near future?

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  1. I only know of Dogma Grill in South Beach on Washington Ave and also La Perrada de Edgar in the northern part of Miami Beach (around 69th - 70th street on Collins). They're good hot dogs (not sure if it's as good as Big Daddy's back then) and there's a good variety to choose from.

    But at La Perrada, stick with the dogs - their other offerings were a bit weak. I had their Especial which was interesting and I actually liked it - but I'm sure it would scare some other people away! It's a Colombian hot dog chain but the Especial, which is just one type of hot dog, is from another world (of flavor, creativity, or whatever else - hint: one ingredient is whipped cream -> how weird is that?)

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      I wish Dogma offered a steamed dog.

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        Does anyone know what happened to this place?
        I really enjoyed the food there. Especially the Chinese Roast Pork Sandwich.

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          "Big Daddy" Napp died in 1990. He ran in a MB election in the late 70's and lost. There is a brief listing on wikipedia here:


          And a small site here:



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            Thanks Advisor Girl

            Any place special you recommend in MB?

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              wow that's wierd, I have been down here since 85 and do not remember Big Daddys...I guess I was off the dogs in those days.

              I would imagine, Arbetters out on Bird Rd is the closest you'll probably come to Big Daddys. They're originally from Boston and have been serving up the Franks with "Meatsauce" for +/- 50 years down here.

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                Big Daddy's was from Brooklyn, big difference from Boston, but meatsauce does sound interesting.

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          Another one bites the dust.

          Dogma Miami Beach has closed.

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            There was also the recently closed, short lived Chicago Hot Dog Factory/Popcorn Paradise around a block north of Dogma on Washington. Vienna beef in natural casings, Polish sausages, gyros, soft serve ice cream and gourmet popcorn. All very good, but, no french fries!

        3. My parents are transplanted New Yorkers and we would love to go for hot dogs. We also loved Wolfies which was owned by the man who owned the rascal house as well. It is a shame the rascal house is closing, because there dont seem to be any real old time new york restaurants left in Miami

          1. How about good hot dog places in other parts of SE Florida? I'll go far for a good dog.

            1. There used to be a ton of places to get the grilled natural casing NY style dogs Big Daddy served- Mr Coney Island in NMB. the three Nathans locations in Sunny Isles, Normandy Isle and Dadeland which were very different from the mall friendly Nathans they have today and plenty of others.All now sadly gone. I guess its a demographic thing. Not enough expatriate NYers. I've been to Hot Dog Heaven in Broward and the other place on Griffin Road- my wife likes the Chicago style but its not for me. Same deal with Arbetters and the various Columbian places. I have been reduced to doing them at home- Boars Head sems pretty close.

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                "I have been reduced to doing them at home"

                I totally understand where your coming from!!

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                  Picked up some lunch at Rascal House today and was told they are closing in early April. They are due to reopen in December as Epicure Market with a small cafe like their beach store. This is great news for all us residents on the north end of the county.

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                    Last day for Rascal House is this coming Sunday.

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                      I'm not sure about Hot Dogs, but Jerry's Famous Deli on South Beach has the only real NY Style Corned Beef in town. Owner said they fly it down from NYC.


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                        I'm sure hotdoglover would have a lot to say about that...

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                          Yes on Rascal House closing.

                          As for post immediately above, I'm sure Jerry's isn't the only real corned beef in town, and I'm dubious that it's the best. Considering that Jerry's, to my knowledge, has no physical presence in New York (they're in Southern California and South Florida), I'm not sure where they'd be flying it down from.

                          Arnie & Ritchie's corned beef in mid-beach is just fine.

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                            I miss NY deli too and Jerry's just doesn't cut it for me, besides the fact that a pastrami sandwich is now $18 ($21 if you ask for lean!) I found The New York Big Apple Deli on Biscayne Blvd across the street from Costco up around 145th st. Good deli and great prices. Corned beef on rye is $8.95 and the pickles are good too. By the way they do have franks and beans on the menu, maybe you can get them on rolls with sauerkraut and mustard and pretend you're back in NYC!