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Nov 6, 2007 05:55 AM

Contender For Best New Burger


just thought i should mention this for all the burger lovers in nyc who (like me) have tried to taste all of the city's best burgers.

after having run the gamut of nyc's finest (i lean towards the shack burger tho i do also enjoy the presentation of the lure bar burger), i have recently tried a burger at a new spot that is AMAZING.

at the LES french bistro BELCOURT they have an all lamb burger served on a soft powdery roll with homemade spicy ketchup, mayonnaise, goat cheese and pickled zucchini ribbons.

it is soooooo GOOD! i've only been to belcourt twice but i've had the burger both times and it was outstanding.

i have been meaning to head over to prune to try their burger (with lamb on an english muffin) to compare...but as of now i put the BELCOURT burger in the running for one of the city's best.

i would never have known about the lure bar burger if someone hadn't posted on here mentioning it. hopefully someone will be inspired by this post to check out the belcourt one.

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  1. i respect yr opinion but the lamb burger i tasted at belcourt was pretty dry and boring. if you like that, consider getting some kefta kebab at some middle eastern joint...sort of the same taste but with better spices.

    and belcourt is on 4th street and 2nd ave...east village...not lower east side.

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    1. re: sam1

      yes you are right it is the east village, my bad.

      i would suggest giving the burger another chance. i was at belcourt a few days after they opened and my burger was very juicy, not dry at all. trust me, if it was dry i wouldn't have posted this or recommended this place to my friends.

      and no this is not a shill.

      1. re: SoylentGreen

        no, i totally believe you and i wasnt being a stickler about that stuff.

        check my review of belcourt...i went last thursday. i really wanted to like the place but it just didnt do anything for me. it was also extremely empty at 8:30 which was scary.

        1. re: SoylentGreen

          freds on the uws makes a good burger. not sure if it is the best but if you are in the hood and in the mood it is a great little spot.

      2. Just as soylent green was made of people- burgers should be made of beef. Having said that, I prefer the lamb burger at BLT to their regular burger though that's more of a criticism of their regular burger than that the lamb burger is that great.

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        1. re: guttergourmet

          While I agree that the lamb merguez burger at BLT Burger is better than the regular burger - I do think it's great. It's juicy and flavorful and the slight kick is beautifully cooled by the yogurt sauce that comes with it. It's my pick there every time.

        2. Not new but just today had a burger at JG Melons.It is just a really great burger! Had good mini lamb burgers at the bar at EMP one night that I totally enjoyed!

          1. The burger at prune is pretty good. Very juicy with a distinct gaminess from the lamb. ANd its served on an english muffin, which isn't my first choice but held up well to the juicy burger. Not my favorite burger by any stretch but pretty good and satisfying.

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            1. re: ESNY

              While we're on the topic of lamb burgers, I can't help but feel like Prune's burger belongs in the insanely-delicious-but-decidedly non-traditional category when considering one's rankings for New York's best hamburger. That thing is dripping with butter, and there's a distinct parsley-garlic bite up front before the lamb-backed gaminess sneaks in for a brief appearance, only to recede behind a buttery ground-chuck finish. Absolutely decadent to be sure, but not something that can be effectively compared to other patties dressed in lettuce, tomato, and a standard bun. While I'm eager to try any and all lamb burgers worthy of attention, labeling such offerings as the city's Best New Burger seems a bit sensationalistic if you ask me.