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Nov 6, 2007 05:43 AM

How Long Does Saffron Last?

Last night, while cleaning out a kitchen drawer, I found a small plastic container of saffron. It is at least six years old.

Is this saffron still good or is it long gone?

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  1. Also, does anyone know if keeping it in a container that blocks the light prolong its life?

    1. Probably diminished, but it depends on how airtight the container and how cool the storage temperature. I have some I got for Christmas three or four years ago - it's in a small zip-lock style bag inside of a tight-closing tin, and I keep it under the counter where the temperature is never either really hot nor cold, and it's still pretty potent. The stuff has a strong enough smell that if yours DOESN'T, then you know it's pretty well gone.