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I am in need of some help. I am looking for a restaurant that serves Ostrich, and not a tiny portion either, something hearty. This is for a 30th birthday dinner and this person has specifically asked for Ostrich. Is there a restaurant that serves this in Toronto? I was reading about wild game tasting menus and that could work, but I am looking for more of a meal. Any suggestions?

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  1. I don't remember about the portion size, but Boba serves ostrich.


    1. Fred's Not Here has ostrich and emu on the menu. But call to check as I'm not sure it's always available -

      Fred's Not Here
      321 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1J5, CA

      1. I have had Ostrich at Habitat in the past. Not sure if its still on the menu.

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          Habitat doesn't have anything on the menu at the moment - as of a day or two ago, it's papered up.

        2. La Palette had ostrich as an option in their mixed grill. you could probably call and ask if it's still available and if it could be served alone in a larger portion.

          1. Mathew Sutherland, at FatCat Bistro (376 Eglinton W) used to do different things with rhea, which were excellent. You might want to call ahead to see whether that is still the case.

            1. Boba, which is generally underated by this board, makes an outstanding and generously portioned ostrich dish.

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                I was at Terra last week and they had ostrich on their menu. Not super huge portion though but it was tasty.

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                  I haven't tried ostrich yet.. how would you describe the taste? Just like any meat or is there something different?

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                    How does one describe a taste? Well, it is more meat-like than fowl. I would say it is a bit like beef. Not at all gamey.

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                      I agree... it's alot like beef. It's got a similar tecture, rich flavour - not gamey taste and not subtle like chicken or turkey

              2. I had an ostrich carpaccio dish at Terroni (Adelaide) last week. Although, I don't think this fits your requirements as it was a "special" for the evening and the appetizer portion was tiny! (4 slices in all)