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Nov 6, 2007 05:25 AM

Shopping and eating in Tooting?

I'll be using a friend of mine to show me around Tooting sometime this week. He's not exactly a restaurant person or a market shopper so I'm here to ask about that stuff. What should I look out for? Are there any Gujarati snacks, treats or desserts that I should make a note to try? Is there decent food to be had? Is it more or less veg only down there? Is there a weekend market? What are the major stores?

Thank you,


I'll report back once I do a trip there.

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  1. when i last went, nothing. NOTHING.

    sakonis is a veg place that will last about thirty nano-seconds in bombay. avoid with extreme prejudice. but i have another tip for you closer to home.

    1. I've always found Tooting's markets to be disappointing but there are a few good eating places. Of the Asian restaurants, Mirch Masala on Upper Tooting Road is really strong. Kastoori, also in Upper Tooting Road, has a long-established and well-deserved reputation. And Rick's Cafe in Mitcham Road is definitely worth a stop - but make sure you book.